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  • [RESOLVED] Orderbot/ExBuddy and Leaf Turn III?

    Discussion in 'OrderBot Profiles' started by QueenLilith, Jul 22, 2017.

    1. QueenLilith

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      May 26, 2017
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      Been running some profile combinations for items and have come across an issue where it appears that the bot does not recognize Leaf Turn III at all. Everything works fine, it gathers without error or issue just doesn't actually use the ability. I can replace with Leaf Turn II and it works fine as well. No error in the logs or anything else to speak of up front either. Does anyone have an idea on what might be going on with it?

      - Used a new install of RB64 with fresh install of ExBuddy
      - Recreated Profile as well to ensure it wasn't a fluke (tried on Sticky Rice and on Gyr Abanian Wheat)

      EDIT: Appears this was an issue that was updated here recently. Leaf Turn III and Unearth III working without issue now.
      Last edited: Aug 4, 2017

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