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  • Returning to Kadala via Town Portal

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by Yarrumac, Sep 22, 2015.

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      Apr 10, 2015
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      Hi there folks,

      Is there any way you can force a Town Run command when you have picked up the limit of Bloodshards you can carry and need to visit Kadala (Force Kadala Visit)?

      At the moment my bot tends to use the Mapping Portal to return to town (into act 1, even though he was in another act) and visit Kadala. When finished the bot is then confused :confused: and doesn't know where to go (no portal back to where he came from).

      Also I have noticed quite often that my bot will visit Kadala at the beginning of a run, and then not get rid of it (sell/salvage/stash) and start on his way, with a nearly full pack. Could the force Town Run command be added automatically to the end of a Kadala visit?

      Another possible option could be to automatically visit Kadala at the end of each Town Run (and then of course sell/salvage/stash resulting gear) before returning through the portal... this option would more than likely mean that the bot would never reach max Bloodshard cap.

      Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance

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