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  • Rules Update - EVERYONE MUST READ

    Discussion in 'Plugins' started by bambam922, Jun 16, 2013.

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      Hey there developers/community.
      Lately there have been some grey areas in our rules, so I am going to take some time to clarify things.

      As you know from Tony's rules update, we ARE NOT allowing direct selling of routines/plugins.
      Also, I'd like to reiterate that external links are not allowed.
      We have been going over the whole "going around it thing" as well.

      You are not allowed to say "hey google XXXXX for XXXXXX"
      Links from URL shortening services are also not allowed.
      If you need to advertise something, you need to do it elsewhere.

      These rules will apply for staff/customer alike.

      I will be spending the next few hours combing over every plugin and combat routine, looking for external links or "google this" stuff.
      When I find something like this within a plugin or routine, the thread will be moderated until you update your project.
      If I see "google this" in your signature, I will edit your signature.
      If I see any URL shortening, I will remove it also.
      Any advertising in logs will also result in a moderated post.

      Paypal donation links are allowed.

      Thanks for understanding.
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