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  • Setting up a Demon Hunter low equip for high MP

    Discussion in 'Plugins' started by JohnyAbatthi, Oct 19, 2013.

    1. JohnyAbatthi

      JohnyAbatthi New Member

      Oct 19, 2013
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      Hi all,

      is this the right section?

      Well, I?m new to this forum and first i want to thank you all for your amazing work especially rixxx, Gniller, Kunstprodukt and all other who contributed to improve DB to a handsome tool :D

      I started this thread because I found a pretty nice skill setup for my DH... a really strange one but who cares :D
      The thing is that most classes have really "proccing" skills like the CM wizard, or the never ending rage barb, the monk cannon etc... I missed that the demon hunter had less awesome abilitys.. there was only shoot and jump etc. and lower effectivness

      well this is my SETUP

      First let me tell u why this build is so awesome! :D

      It?s like the CM Wiz with low paperdps but real damage output is really hardcore...
      You need WINDFORCE and 1000+ LOH and 12-18 yards pick up radius

      1. Vault with ToC Rune has a procc rate of 2.0! After jumping through a mob pack you restore to full HP
      2. While jumping with active Shuriken Cloud it also restores HP and deals more damage
      3. With Sentry turret and chains (procc rate 1.0) = HP+DPS
      4. Passive = Custom Engineering = up to 3 turrets + 6 Traps = DPS + HP
      5. Traps with Echoing Blast rune = DPS + HP
      6. Smoke Screen ONLY for escape with Choking Gas 700% DPS (with this build u should be on godmode) (because of db is using them to much u also could take a good damage skill)
      7. I play with Bola and Volatile Explosives rune but you could use any skill there
      8. Last but not least ALL skills deal damage and this means ALL skills restore HP + All skills crit and proccs with Night Stalker what means u can salto infinite ! Venegance is needed to restor ressources while jumping through packs

      very proccy as you can see

      Well.. DB can use all the skills and even better than I thought lol, but the problem is, the char MUST use vault as an attack skill and not as an avoiding tool.
      Your bot needs to jump inside trash packs for the efficency, so it would be really nice if trinity would offer a checkbox for vault to use it on trash packs with a value to set up for how many mobs it should be used.

      Ok now i would like to specify what stats and build u actually need and why:

      MUST HAVE stats:
      80k + HP (<-- WTF 80K HP?? ARE YOU FUCKIN CRAZY? No shut up
      300-500 All ress (depending on ur money)
      3-4 k armonr (depending on u money)
      1000+ LoH
      3% life leach (Windforce)
      Pick up at least 12
      IAS (Windforce + Legacy allready give u 30% u can stack up to 50-60%
      Crit Chance 55%+
      movement Speed try to get 24% but could be hard on low budget

      i played on mp10 with 160 k dps without deads and arround 80m ep/h but demonbuddy only handles mp6 with 40m ep/h and 3-4 deads so gogo trinity get an update :D

      and now equip and how you reach these stats:

      as mentioned above, your weapon will be a Windforce with socket + ruby or smaragd (use a dps calc) all skills will throw back mobs so they even can?t touch you
      Legacy with 9+ crit, 19+ ias, highest vita and dex you can afford + % damage on any useful skill (like bola)
      Nat Boots (try to get with 180 + dex and pick up radius)
      Blackthornes pants with 400+ vita or 250+ with sockets/allres
      witching hour 40% + cd and best you can afford for dps
      Blackthornes suit with 250 + vit and some dex or equivalent nat suit if u can get
      nat hat with some dex, pick up, crit and amethyst or equivalent hat (i took nat hat cause of 130 dex set bonus)
      nat ring for 7% bonus or if you use hat and don?t need the third bonus any other ring with dps + second dps ring (<- try to get LoH here to reach 1000 LoH total)
      amulett with loh and good dps
      shoulders with high def stats and maybe pick up radius
      gaunts for dps (maybe pick up)
      lacunis with good dps or crafted with good def and crit/dex (maybe pick up)

      If you can reach the above stats u can stack cd/dps and so on but u should at least reach the recommendet

      thanks for listening and i hope i could help you, maybe someone could check trinity with the vault thingy thingy?
    2. iPanda

      iPanda New Member

      Sep 6, 2013
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      anyone tried this?
    3. 2klulu

      2klulu Member

      Nov 21, 2012
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      bull shit

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