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  • ShamWOW for HB2 - An Enhance/Elemental/Resto + PVP/RaF Healbot by Bobby53

    Discussion in 'Archives' started by bobby53, May 25, 2010.

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      Shaman CC for All Builds plus PvP and RaF
      [SIZE=+6]ShamWOW v4.5.21 [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+6]by Bobby53, for use with Honorbuddy

      [SIZE=+1][ About ] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]This is a Shaman Custom Class (aka CC) for HonorBuddy. This provides support for all HonorBuddy features with your Shaman character fulfilling any role expected of the class.[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=+1][SIZE=+1][ Feature Overview ] [/SIZE]
      o Zero-configuration. No setup needed; no knowledge of Shaman play required
      o User Interface for extensive customization of Shaman play
      [/SIZE][SIZE=+1]o Windows Help file describing CC usage and options[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Auto-Detection of overall talent build[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Auto-Detection of key talents affecting rotation (like Improved Stormstrike)[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Auto-Detection of spells trained[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Complete Elemental-Enhancement-Restoration build support[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Grinding, PVP, Mixed, Questing, and RaF Combat Assist support[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Healbot support in parties, raids, and battlegrounds[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Shield Twisting - intelligent toggling of Water Shield and Lightning Shield[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Dynamic fight recognition - adapts to varying number of attackers in combat[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Totems - supports use of totem bar as well as fight specific totems[/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]o Choice of play style - aggressive or survival oriented[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=+1][ User Support ] [/SIZE]
      [SIZE=+1]This CC is a hobby for me. I'm not a staff member and receive nothing for providing it to the community. I have countless hours invested in the development, testing, and support of this source code. [/SIZE][SIZE=+1]There continue to be a high percentage of new member posts that do not include log files. [/SIZE][SIZE=+1]If you experience issues and need support, I will expect you to spend a few minutes providing the necessary detail and attaching a log file. Please see the FAQ in post #2 of this thread for details. I have also added more functionality to the (Report Issue...) button available in ShamWOW CC Configuration.[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=+1][SIZE=+1][ Communication ] [/SIZE]
      All communication is handled through forum posts and Private Messages. Do not post code to this forum. I cannot stress this enough. This is my original work, so you may not post copies or use in other CC's without my prior permission. If changes are needed you can contact me and I will review the change and incorporate if its in alignment with the vision for the CC.

      [SIZE=+1][ Donations ] [/SIZE]
      [/SIZE][SIZE=+1]This project is simply a hobby for me, so no donations are permitted. You can show your support in the following ways:

      • Click [ this link ] or the star at the bottom of this post and give +rep to this project
      • [SIZE=+1]When posting issues provide clear detailed descriptions with full debug logs [/SIZE]attached. The time you save me by providing this is more valuable to me than any other contribution possible.
      [/SIZE][SIZE=+1][SIZE=+1][ Notices ] [/SIZE]
      1. Read my posts and documentation on the forum before posting a question.

      2. I will try to respond to your posts quickly, but I do this in my spare time. If you don?t get a response, see #1 above.

      3. The following Shaman Guides were used as general design guidelines for the prior version development:
      [/SIZE][SIZE=+1] 4. General. I play end game raiding Shaman in all 3 specs, but am not a theorycrafter doing numerical analysis on spell power coefficients, etc. I draw from the specifications in the expert posts mentioned above. I update the spell priorities in ShamWOW when those documents change. If you see a point where ShamWOW's behavior doesn't match the priorities shown there please post as described i the Frequently Asked Questions. If the behavior matches what is specified in those documents, but you don't agree with the order or priorities they have specified, please post in those experts threads so that they can respond to you.

      5. Gear dependency. Enhancement Shamans are very gear dependent. Make sure you have the best weapon you can afford or find. This can make all the difference in your leveling success.

      6. Spell dependency. Elemental/Resto Shaman are very spell dependent. You will want to visit your trainer as soon as possible when a new spell becomes available to you (check your spellbook when you level.)

      7. Disclaimer: Use of 3rd party programs are against Blizzard's terms of use and license. This CC is not intended for use on live Blizzard Entertainment World of Warcraft realms. Any use on Blizzard realms is at your own risk and not supported per this statement.
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      Jan 15, 2010
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      1. How to post a question, issue, or constructive criticism ....
      Use the following steps when posting about ShamWOW. If info is missing, you will receive a standard reply requesting the missing information. I am usually on the forum once per day responding to member communications, so this results in a minimum one to two day delay in a meaningful reply to your post. My advice is to err on the side of always providing the log file even when you think it is not needed.
      Steps for Posting an Issue, Criticism, or Question...
      1. In this thread, click Reply
      2. When the Quick Reply window is shown, click the Go Advanced button.
      3. Copy and paste the following template into your post and fill in the blanks:
      HonorBuddy Mode: Grind/PVP/Mixed/Quest/RaF
      Shamans Location:
      What should have happened (be specific):
      What did happen (be specific):
      Computer time of problem or log mark (not realm time):
      4. Scroll down the page and click Manage Attachments
      5. Attach the most recent file from your HonorBuddy LOGS folder
      6. If the file is too large, you need to compress as .ZIP first then repeat Step 5
      7. Click the Close this Window button in Manage Attachments
      8. Click the Submit Reply button to post
      There is also a guide named How To: Attach your HB log file [CLICK HERE] you can use as a reference for this last step.
      Do not copy & paste your log file. All logs should be attached as described.
      Files must be attached to your post... I will not access links to external sites (no, not even pastebin, skydrive, or dropbox) for logs

      2. Where do I find my Computers System Time or Log Mark?
      The best solution is to use the LogMark plugin [DOWNLOAD HERE] to add a mark to the log file (and log window.) With this plug-in you can press a couple keys in WOW and instantly add a unique mark to the log file. Later when writing your post, you can easily mention the issue occurred at "LOGMARK #1" for example. This is more accurate and much simpler than looking for the local system time when you notice a problem and need to recall it later when submitting a post.

      If you have to use a clock time, make sure it is the local system time on your computer and includes HH:MM:SS. Here are a few examples of clocks you can use to display the time with seconds:

      a. (preferred) Open this web page [CLICK HERE] and keep it visible.
      b. (preferred) For Windows 7, download Presto's Clock [CLICK HERE]
      c. (preferred) TClockEx [CLICK HERE]

      3. How do I post a non-question?
      Well, depends on whether you would prefer my assistance or simply a polite non-response. Here's an example of a polite non-response to a useless post [CLICK HERE]

      4. My Log file is HUGE ( > 9 mb) can I just send the error message?
      No, the error message alone is not enough. You should compress the file as a .ZIP. Text files should compress really well and enable you to attach over a 20mb log file once it has been compressed. You have to use the .ZIP format because the forums don't allow upload of other compressed file formats. If you have trouble creating a .ZIP and insist on sending me a portion of the log file, send me the 1st line through the point where the error occurred so that I can follow how it got to the point of the issue.

      5. I've already read the ShamWOW FAQ. Read it again?
      If you posted in this thread without a complete log file and the system time of the issue you were describing, then Yes. The FAQ will be added to and revised as necessary, so it will be beneficial to visit it periodically. Even if you don't feel you need the info, being familiar with it will help you know when you can assist me by reminding another ShamWOW poster to review the info.

      6. How do I install or update ShamWOW?
      ShamWOW Installation Instructions (see #19 for SVN Instructions)
      A. DELETE ALL Shaman CC files in HB\CustomClasses AND any folder below that. This includes prior ShamWOW or multi-class CCs.

      B. Unzip the .zip file to your CustomClasses folder. This should create the following directory structure:
      HB\CustomClasses\Config\ShamWOW.config <--- different folder

      where HB is whatever you name your root HonorBuddy folder (the one containing HonorBuddy.exe)

      ShamWOW is now fully installed and configured for use. If you have further questions, please see the HonorBuddy Wiki article regarding HonorBuddy Setup and Installation of CustomClasses.
      7. I get an error when HonorBuddy tries to load ShamWOW?
      You didn't install correctly. Go back to step FAQ #6 and repeat the installation. If you still have a problem, read FAQ #1 for steps on posting an issue that includes the detail needed for me to research and assist you.

      8. What's with the disclaimer about not for use on Blizzard realms?
      As you should have encountered elsewhere already, 3rd party software and botting in particular are against the Blizzard EULA and TOS. That was my reiteration of that and letting you know your choice to do that is your choice. I assume no responsibility for your use of HonorBuddy or this CC or the ramifcations of that use.

      9. What's the best spec for leveling a Shaman?
      Pick the spec you want to play, because you will at some point have to (or want to) take over manually and enjoy the game or do end game content (which will require you to play.) All specs work well with ShamWOW. If you want to learn more about the specs, their advantages, and leveling them read this guide: Growing Up Shaman [CLICK HERE] is is a design manifesto for ShamWOW with regards to leveling characters.

      If you still believe there must be one fastest, bestest, most elite spec for leveling and want someone to tell you then read the following:

      • For fastest Questing/Grinding speed from 1 to 85 you should spec Enhancement and make sure you use the best weapon(s) available. Unlike Elemental spec, Enhancement can do reasonable damage with only weapon swings saving mana in extended fights (like when soloing an elite) for self-healing. Just to be clear, I am referring to Grinding or Questing all the way from 1 to 85. If you plan to do many instances, you should read the next paragraph.
      • Elemental is Easier/Faster to level if you plan to do instances and Dual Spec Resto. Since both Elemental and Resto share gear until approaching end game, you can carry a single set and switch to Elemental for Questing and to Resto for Dungeons automatically (handled by InstanceBuddy.) Queue times for healers are much shorter than for DPS and result in much faster leveling times.
      ShamWOW supports all specs so if you plan on running some instances, doing some quests, or pvping in some battlegrounds while leveling pick the spec that you prefer playing. Restoration is not a viable grinding or questing spec, so it is recommended that you don't spec that until you are above level 30 and can afford Dual Talent Specialization (since you can heal dungeons as Elemental until then.) Ultimately you should select the build based upon which style of player you prefer: melee dps or caster dps.

      10. Can I do Dungeons (5-man) with ShamWOW?
      Yes. I recommend using DungeonBuddy (next evolution of InstanceBuddy) for these. To use DungeonBuddy with ShamWOW, you must click Bot Config for DungeonBuddy and set the Frame Lock option to False. You can either Heal or DPS and ShamWOW will require no setup/configuration since it recognizes your current role and spec upon entering the dungeon and behaves accordingly. If you form or join a party before entering a dungeon, do not click Start until after you enter the instance.

      11. Can I do Heroics, Raid, Arena, or World PVP with ShamWOW?
      Yes, but raiding/arena/world pvp is not fully automated by HonorBuddy at the moment. You can setup HonorBuddy with ShamWOW in a special configuration known as Lazy Raider. This allows you to control the character movement as needed (out of fire, to grouping point in raid strategy, to assist someone in arena, etc.) and leave the spell selection and casting to ShamWOW. See theLazy Raider Usage and Setup [CLICK HERE]blog entry for more details (including required settings for use with ShamWOW.) For any of these end game environments, you will get good results from the default settings. Want to do Arena or Rated Battlegrounds? Success in these requires more of your involvement to coordinate with other players when to trinket, use cooldowns, peel off an attacker, or burn someone down. It is essential you take control in those circumstances, so here is a link to a post describing those steps and how to accomplish: Setting for arena and rated bg's [CLICK HERE].

      12. Can I control movement while ShamWOW casts spells?
      Yes. That describes using the LazyRaider setup described in #11. You can use this in any facet of the game.

      13. How is support for Immune mobs implemented?

      ShamWOW dynamically detects if the Shaman or any group member casts an ability that the target is immune to and adds that to an immunity list. The lists are referenced prior to casting an ability to avoid using Lava Burst on a target that is Fire Immune for example. At least one cast on a specific type of mob is required to detect it is immune and the is recreated each time you load HonorBuddy. If you encounter a Raid Boss that you are only casting Fire spells, you may want to try turning off Immunity Detection (in Class Options.) Most likely the boss was detected as being immune to Nature spells and the immunity was incorrectly reported by WoW as a permanent immunity rather than temporary.

      14. Its casting Ghost Wolf while I'm trying to fish using Auto Angler.
      In HonorBuddy, click the Class Config button, then the General tab of the displayed window. Uncheck the "Use Ghost Wolf for Travel if not mounted" option and ShamWOW will no longer cast Ghost Wolf.

      15. I keep getting
      "Performing this action will make this item non-tradeable".
      If you equip the item yourself, then click the OK button yourself. If you are using Auto-Equip, you should also install the WOW Addon NoBoPWarning from Curse.com [CLICK HERE]. The only other choice is to wait 1 hour to equip the weapon after the BoP becomes non-tradeable.

      16. Why does my Resto Shaman attack/DPS in instances
      This is always due to one of the following:
      a. Your spec includes points in the Focused Insight and/or Telluric Currents talents. If you don't want the CC to take advantage of those abilities by casting Shocks and Lightning Bolt respectively, respec without them.
      b. Your RAF Combat Style settings is set to Healing Over Combat or Combat Only. Change it to Auto.

      17. Shield Twisting
      Shield twisting is a technique employed by advanced players often used when soloing one or more NPCs or in combat situations with fluctuating mana levels, such as extended PvP battles. It involves casting Lightning Shield when mana is plentiful. As the shield charges expire, the player alternates or "twists" to Water Shield to enable some mana regeneration. When that shields charges expire, the player again twists back to Lightning Shield. The same thing can be done by a Resto Shaman in PVP with Water Shield and Earth shield to balance the passive healing of Earth Shield with the mana regen of Water Shield.

      So the purpose of shield twisting is to strike a balance between higher mana regen and higher damage / damage reduction. In ShamWOW this is controlled by the following two values:

      Water Shield Mana % If your current mana percentage is below this value, then ShamWOW will always cast Water Shield to increase the mana generation for the fight. This value must always be less than than the Lightning Shield Mana %

      Damage Shield Mana % If your current mana percentage is above this value, then ShamWOW will always cast Lightning Shield to increase the damage done to attackers. This value must always be more than than the Water Shield Mana %

      So what happens if the current shield charges expire and the mana percentage is between these two values? This is where the "shield twisting" technique occurs and the alternate shield is cast. As the charges on that shield expire if mana is still between the two limits established it twists back.

      Can I force it to always use Water Shield?
      Yes. Set Damage Shield Mana % to 101 and set the Water Shield Mana % to 100. Your characters mana can never get above 100 so Water Shield will always be up.

      Can I force it to always use the Damage Shield?
      Yes. Set the Water Shield Mana % to 0 and the Damage Shield Mana % to 1.

      Do I really want to Shield Twist in Cata?
      Yes, it is still important while leveling as your mana regen may not be sufficient due to your gear or other factors to minimize drinking frequently or to solo an elite. At higher levels, you typically won't use it except in special circumstances ( PVP, soloing an Elite, etc.) Ultimately you control whether Shield Twisting actually occurs or not by the values you choose.

      18. Spell Priority (formerly known as rotation)
      If you want to know what the spell priority is, please visit the following reference documents which serve as design guidelines for ShamWOW:
      o While Leveling, see -- Leveling Guide: Growing Up Shaman [click here]
      o In Dungeons/Raids, see -- Shaman - Elitist Jerks [click here]
      o In Battlegrounds/Arena, see -- How to Shaman - Arena Junkies [click here]

      If you disagree with the priority/rotation described in the document referenced, please visit that authors forum and post your disagreement there. ShamWOW priorities are only updated as a result of changes to those documents.

      If you see ShamWOW behave differently than what is posted there for the appropriate environment, please post in the ShamWOW thread as an issue following the steps in #1 of this FAQ.

      19. Will SVN be supported for downloading/updating ShamWOW
      No, not that is not my plans. ShamWOW is not updated frequently so this should not be an issue.

      20. Will ShamWOW be updated for the expansion Mysts of Pandaria?
      Yes, current plans are to continue supporting ShamWOW and updating for changes to spells and mechanics associated with Shaman in MoP as appropriate. ShamWOW was originally written for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and has been revised as changes to Shaman spells and game mechanics have occurred through patches and expansions to WoW. Like Cataclysm, the upcoming MoP release is simply another expansion although it represents a lot of fundamental changes to classes and the game. At some point after HonorBuddy for MoP becomes available, the first release of ShamWOW for MoP will be available. The purpose of this release is to provide ShamWOW users with a CC to use with the MoP compatible version of HB that uses only the current set of known Cataclysm spells that still exist in MoP. It should allow you to begin leveling new characters or run Bots that which do not in most cases require sophisticated combat such as ArchaeologyBuddy, GatherBuddy, ProfessionBuddy, or AutoAngler. ShamWOW users will notice their survivability/damage/healing using this release will be lower than past versions. That is expected since this release is simply a means for you to continue using HB with your Shaman while I am busy developing and testing the second release of ShamWOW for MoP which will provide complete support for new spells, abilities, and mechanics. Hopefully this lets you know what will be occurring as WOW 5.0.4 is released. No time table is available for either release beyond what I mentioned here.

      Want to see the ShamWOW for MoP spell priorities and logic that determines when cooldowns are cast? See FAQ #18 above. If you want to debate those rotations or discuss Shaman theorycrafting do it in those sites. You should only in the ShamWOW thread if the spell priority does not match those documents in which case a detailed post with log as described in FAQ #1 is required.

      21. Are any other files required to run ShamWOW?
      No. There are several files attached to this post that will improve results for your Shaman when using the Questing BotBase and/or Auto Equip plug-in (spec specific Gear Selection) as well as the Talented plugin (spec specific Talent Builds.)

      [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 600, align: center"]
      [TD]Attached Filename
      [TD]Copy To
      [TD]Shaman - Elemental.xml[/TD]
      [TD]Data\Weight Sets[/TD]
      [TD]Shaman - Enhancement.xml[/TD]
      [TD]Data\Weight Sets[/TD]

      Attached Files:

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      Change history

      [B]06/06/2012  Revision 4.5.21[/B]
      - fixed - All Specs - Use Grounding Totem on Cooldown option default to False
      - fixed - Resto - Tidal Waves buff was always present in HB aura list so Riptide never cast.  Will now go straight to WOW similar to Maelstrom and Fulmination tests
      - fixed - All Specs - now suppresses casts on transports/vehicles only while using Quest bot
      - fixed - Resto - breaking crowd control (tremor) now restored
      - fixed - Resto - no longer detects Gold or Green team buff in Arena as being crowd controlled (so no longer stands still doing nothing.)
      - fixed - Resto - error spam on attempt to cast a spell that doesn't require a target
      [B]05/31/2012  Revision 4.5.20
      [/B]- *new* - All Specs - Interrupt Style: may now select Interrupt Style of Focus
      - change- All Specs - Stressful Mob count - default on Grinding tab increased to 3
      - *new* - All Specs - Water Breathing: now will cast Water Breathing if underwater and less than 5 seconds of air remains.  if Anti Drown plugin active, will cast when less than 65 secs of air left to avoid Anti Drown movement.  Must have Shiny Fish Scales in bags or Glyph of Water Breathing
      - change- All Specs - Grounding Totem: default value for Use Grounding Totem on CD changed to False
      - *new* - PVP All Specs - Grounding Totem: will cast Grounding Totem upon recognizing enemy casting spell specified in PvpGroundingTotemWhitelist list in ShamWOW.config.  You must extract all .ZIP contents (including Config folder) to get updated config installed. NOTE:  you should disable the Use Grounding Totem on CD for this to work otherwise it won't be available for casting
      - fixed - All Specs: fixed exception occurring when Mixed Bot select and Start pressed but either Primary or Secondary Bot has not been selected.
      - change- All Specs - Disable Targeting: option revised - now may disable targeting independently of movement being disabled, allowing only Bot/Plugin targeting to be used.  Useful for certain custom bots/plugins and situations
      - fixed - All Specs: BGBuddy movement - ShamWOW will now wait after its spell casts before returning control to BGBuddy to fix situation of BGBuddy movement causing interrupted spellcasts.  Should fix most of the stutter step movement seen.
      - change- All Specs: Movement - backed out some recent changes to movement which caused erratic movement in Bots trying to move to next objective without fighting.  Will be revisiting movement improvements in next release
      - fixed - All Specs: Interrupt - bug with priority of interrupt logic (Wind Shear, Thunderstorm, War Stomp) has been fixed.  
      - fixed - All Specs: previously had some initialization errors causing unexpected behavior in some circumstances when entering/leaving an instance where combat is already underway
      - fixed - All Specs: Resting - bug which occurred while low on health, no food and low on mana that prevented drinking
      - change- All Specs: Resting - improved handling of drinking while in combat for solo, group, and pvp
      - fixed - All Specs: Interrupt - behavior should now only be casting wind shear on mobs it is facing
      - change- All Specs: Interrupt - behavior now shows interrupt target and spell being interrupted
      - change- All Specs: Purge - now suppressed for Arcane Brilliance on Warriors, Rogues, and Death Knights
      - fixed - All Specs: Targeting - obscure issue with identifying some friendly targets as enemies
      - fixed - Enhancement: Hitbox Size - now correctly calculates hitbox size for mobs slightly larger than standard 5 yd melee range
      - fixed - Resto: Earth Shield Spam - bug where self (yes, a Resto Shaman) is identified as Tank by bot or plug-in causing it to enter a loop Earth Shield/Water Shield spam loop
      - fixed - Resto: bug impacting heal target selection when movement disabled and lowest health unit not in spell line of sight
      - change- All Specs: increased delay factor that a spell is temporarily unavailable to be cast again after successful cast attempt.  Visually you should see fewer occurrences of multiple attempts to cast the exact same spell when initial cast fails
      - change- All Specs: interrupt behavior changed from using LUA to using HB API
      - fixed - All Specs - Totem Management: some improvements with management of delay in list of totems being updated by WOW/HB after they have been cast
      [B]04/18/2012  Revision 4.5.19
      - change - all sepcs:  disables Combat Log monitoring while raid behavior is active.  This was causing a slow down in 25m Raids due to the volume of combat log messages generated and should result in a performance improvement in all raid situations for all specs.
      - *new* - all specs:  dismisses confirmation message when applying weapon imbue to newly acquired tradeable soulbound weapon.  
      - fixed - all specs:  was running by neutral mobs in some cases when questing or grinding that were targeted by the profile.
      - fixed - all specs:  fixed breakage introduced in last release where Fire Elemental Totem and Magma Totem casts were attempted without checking if spell trained
      [B]04/09/2012  Revision 4.5.18
      - *new* - Resto:  now detects T13 4pc bonus and will cast Spiritwalker's Grace for haste buff in Raids (unless cooldowns disabled.)
      - fixed - All Specs:  Remove Out of Range option now saved and recognized.  When disabled, will no longer destroy totems or call totemic recall
      - fixed - All Specs:  exception occurring sometimes when determining whether to use Ghost Wolf or mount.
      - fixed - All Specs:  fixed error where mobs fighting were reported as being tagged by another player.  Now will only blacklist a mobbed if tagged and it is attacking another player not in your group
      - fixed - All Specs:  now correctly casts racials and other buffs
      - fixed - All Specs:  no longer targets mob in PVP if targeting is disabled 
      - fixed - Enhancement:  was throwing exception if fighting multiple mobs and AoE rotation was invoked before Fire Nova trained
      - fixed - Elemental and Enhancment:  exception was occurring when used with LazyRaider or other condition causing Raid rotation to be used.  This prevented spells from being cast as expected (like Flame Shock not renewed, etc.)
      - fixed - Resto:  mana potion usage now correctly tied to mana % from General Page in config
      - fixed - Resto:  no longer rolls Riptide if T12 2pc bonus while you are mounted
      - fixed - Resto:  bug preventing subsequent heal casts if target dies while heal being cast
      - change- All Specs:  Will ignore Movement Disabled setting when using BGBuddy, InstanceBuddy, Questing, ArchaeologyBuddy, or ProfessionBuddy BotBases.
      - change- All Specs:  will suppress mob tagged by another player check when movement or targeting is disabled
      - change- All Specs:  totem initialization was skipped if the Bot was started while already in combat.  will force initialization to occur so totems are cast when combat is already underway
      - change- Resto:  will now detect Mana Tide Totem aura from another Shaman and wait to cast own Mana Tide Totem after it expires
      [B]03/20/2012  Revision 4.5.17
      - fixed - Low-level Shaman would not attack until first talent point spent
      - fixed - would not attack on certain airborne DragonSoul fights
      - fixed - would not fight on Deepholm boat. No longer suppress fighting on transports.  Bot and/or Quest Behaviors will have to handle
      - change- Resto: Chain Heal and Healing Rain casts underway no longer cancelled if the target reaches Need Heal %
      - change- Resto: Rolling Riptide and Earth Shield made higher priority
      - *new* - Resto: Group Healing configuration now has separate columns for Partys and Raids.  This allows you to keep a set of values for use with Heroics and another for Raiding, requiring less changes to config before use.
      - *new* - Resto: more control over Telluric Currents.  Now supports casting at low mana levels and also fewer cancelled Lightning Bolt casts.
      - *new* - Resto: support Spirit Link Totem.  See the Group Healing tab
      - *new* - Resto: default values for Raid usage will relie more upon Chain Heal and Healing rain
      - *new* - Resto: Raid "Let It Rain!" healing preset button added which sets values to max out healing at the risk of running out of mana.  Useful for Raid Healer usage only
      - *new* - Resto: Raid "Tank or Party" healing preset button added which sets values to focus on healing individual targets rather than AoE.  Useful for specific raid strategies or tank healing.
      - change- Elemental/Enhancement:  offhealing support disabled when Off-Heal % is set to 0.
      [B]03/15/2012  Revision 4.5.16
      - Mounting - fixed bug introduced in latest HonorBuddy which added support for Ghost Wolf as a mount
      - Config - General: added Use Grounding Totem on Cooldown option - will twist between configured Air Totem and Grounding Totem
      - Config - Group Healing:  changed values set by Healing Rain pre-set for improved results based upon current state of Resto Shaman.  This setting will fight for heal #'s against other Shaman at the risk of reduced mana efficiency.  Telluric Current Lightning Bolts are unlikely since healing begins at such a high Health %
      - all specs:  commented out immunity detection logic; not currently relevant and provides slight speed improvement
      - all specs:  improved boss detection logic - additional bosses can be specified in ShamWOW.config file
      - all specs:  changed handling of WoW instability (entering/leaving dungeons, big lag spikes, etc.)
      - all specs:  Maelstrom and Fulmination should be recognized more quickly now.  
      - all specs:  Ghost Wolf now automatically disabled when running with ArchBuddy or GatherBuddy
      - all specs:  disables check for tagged mobs for certain bots (such as LazyRaider)
      - all specs:  Ghost Wolf - now checks an additional type of movement from BotBase if advertising how far it will move to pick whether Ghost Wolf or Mount is better.  
      - all specs:  Ghost Wolf - improved logging to assist with user support of Ghost Wolf issues
      - all specs:  no longer stops BotBase if HB shows an incorrect stack count for Maelstrom Weapon or Lightning Shield.  Works around by goign straight to WOW for info
      - all specs:  training dummy support - now recognizes when fighting a training dummy and uses Raid rotation rather than solo rotation.  Added only to eliminate user reports of not casting cooldowns when its soloing a non-elite that doesn't hit back
      - all specs:  Pull - if target already has aggro, bypasses pull and goes directly to Combat logic.  This should eliminate most cases of doing initial Lightning Bolt cast for Ranged Pull when we already have aggro
      - all specs:  Pull - added check for adds that are closer than primary pull target; will switch to them if they are already in range.  Need to monitor if this causes issues with Questing in a situation where it wants you to focus on killing a specific mob regardless of anything else beating on you
      - all specs:  slight revision to latency spell casting support.  should result in fewer failed casts
      - all specs:  Grounding Totem on Cooldown option:  will cast Grounding Totem when off cooldown.  If Grounding Totem expires/destroyed and still on cooldown, will replace with default totem selected.  Once Grounding Totem is off cooldown again, will overwrite existing Air Totem
      - all specs:  Totems - now replenished more quickly.  Searing totem replenished if in last tick
      - Elemental:  Fast Pull - now correctly casts Shock from max spell range - Shocks previously only used if within 25 yards
      - Elemental:  Fast Pull - will set totems immediately upon as soon as target is in ranged distance
      - Elemental - AoE:  Earthquake now only cast if mana > 50% and Clearcasting is active, otherwise Chain Lightning
      - Elemental - AoE:  Chain Lightning now only cast if mana > 40% OR Clearcasting is active.  Always available when soloing if mana > emergency mana setting
      - Elemental - RAF:  should now correctly cast Fire Elemental on Bosses
      - Enhancement:  when chasing a combat target and aggoing additional mobs, will stop and engage mobs if already in melee range
      - Enhancement - Raiding:  Instances with LazyRaider and all Raids regardless of Bot - changed manner in which raiding is implemented for Enhancement.  Should provide DPS increase over prior versions of ShamWOW.  AoE, cleanse, purge, and tremor totem checks currently suppressed and require manual intervention pending user feedback
      - Restoration:  more aggressive in setting totems in all environments.  a number of conservative checks intended to set totems only when fight position has been established have been loosened to reduce getting into a healing require situation without totems
      - Restoration:  now only attempts Telluric Currents Lightning Bolt and Focused Insight Shocks if facing.  This should eliminate some failed cast attempts when movement is disabled
      - Restoration:  more intelligent use of Focused Insight Shocks in PVP.  Will also try to keep debuff on target if mana > 40%
      - Restoration:  fixed Riptide bug!!!  Was previously trying to cast on dead targets resulting in failed cast spam and blocking other healing.  This was the worst for those with the 2pc T12 Bonus since it increased the priority of Riptide
      - Restoration:  Healing Rain - when triggered, will switch targets to find one that will result in great number of heal targets within radius rather than casting on player with lowest health
      - Restoration - PVP:  now ignores healing siege vehicles in SotA and WG
      - Restoration:  Additional log messages for supporting users
      - Restoration:  Added facing check to Focused Insight pre-cast before Healing Rain 
      - Restoration:  Mana Tide Totem - now correctly cast using Mana Tide Totem Mana % from config
      - Restoration - Raiding Only:  Chain Heal and Healing Rain - casts are no longer cancelled if target goes above Health % threshold.  Since AoE heals and others in vicinity likely still need heal it will be allowed to finish.  
      - Undefined Spec:  will now recast Strength of Earth when totem is out of range
      [B]01/29/2012  Revision 4.5.15
      o *NEW* - All Specs - Use Flasks option, default is False.  Will automatically select the highest item level / required level flask in your bags and keep you buffed.
      o *NEW* - All Specs - Reincarnation - will wait up to 8 seconds for 20 yd area to be clear of all enemies with more than 25% health.  Auto reincarnate is disabled if movement is disabled (allow user to choose when to use and how long to wait.)
      o *NEW* - All Specs - Disable Movement option now has three settings:  Never, Always, and Auto where Auto will only disable CC movement when using LazyRaider.  Auto is the default which matches previous behavior.
      o *FIX* - All Specs - Water Walking before Mounting/Ghost Wolf sometimes interfered with cast
      o *FIX* - All Specs - Farming Low Level PVE option if set was interfering with cast of Bloodlust in non-PVE settings
      o *FIX* - All Specs - Ghost Wolf sometimes ignored Use Ghost Wolf setting and cast when option turned off
      o *FIX* - All Specs - Ghost Wolf distance check error sometimes suppressed use of travel from instead of casting it
      o *FIX* - All Specs - Ghost Wolf cast sometimes interrupted by movement
      o *FIX* - All Specs PVP - when out of combat, should try and top health off if below 85%
      o *FIX* - All Specs - when low and health and mana, will detect if food and drink are same consumeable and only consume one
      o CHANGE - All Specs - now uses InSpellLineOfSight to check if can attack/heal a target.  This allows casting spells through visual obstructions that don't block spells
      o CHANGE - All Specs - health, mana, and restoration potions found automatically and selects highest iLevel potion you meet level requirements for.
      o *FIX* - Enhancement - Maelstrom Party Heal would sometimes target an already dead player
      o *FIX* - Enhancement - Maelstrom Party Heal would sometimes use Healing Wave when more powerful heal available
      O *NEW* - Enhancement PVP - option to choose save Maelstrom Procs for healing, otherwise used immediately for Lightning Bolt/Chain Lighnting casts
      o CHANGE - Enhancement PVE - Grinding/questing option Use Maelstrom for Healing only reserves if in a stressful fight (as defined by your settings) or heal needed, otherwise DPS spell used immediately
      o *FIX* - Enhancement PVP - Tremor Totem and Earth Bind Totem now correctly cast more quickly on appropriate debuffs.  HB SpellManager.CanCast() previously return false blocking cast.
      o CHANGE - Enhancement PVP - Totems are now set at onset of fight rather than waiting for a free GCD.  
      o CHANGE - Enhancement PVP - will attempt to Hex enemy located 10 - 30 yards away that is casting spell and is not current target unless Shaman is rooted
      o CHANGE - Elemental PVE - PVE/Grinding Combat Style of Farming Lowbies now uses Chain Lightning if any mob (hostile or neutral) is within 12 yds of current target, otherwise it uses normal rotation.
      [B][I]Note:  the full Change History is in CHANGES.TXT within the .ZIP file.[/I][/B]
      Last edited: Jun 6, 2012
    4. bobby53

      bobby53 New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      ShamWOW BETA Release Page

      8/6/2011 - Ignore this post. There is no current BETA available. Post #4 will continually be reused/recycled in the future when new BETA Testers are needed


      By downloading the version attached to this post, you understand and agree to the following:
      1. You are serving as a TESTER and not a USER.

      2. Any post you make that contains a question, criticism, or bug/issue report will have have a detailed description and a COMPLETE DEBUG LOG FILE attached. If you need help attaching (and not pasting) one to your post, scroll up and see the Frequently Asked Questions page. It took a tremendous amount of time to develop this, so my expectation is that TESTERS will take as long as needed to clearly document an issue before posting.

      3. There will be bugs. If you want to AFK or use a release that is well understood and stable, use ShamWOW 4.2.09B which you download from the first post in this thread.

      4. Look over the [KNOWN BUGS] section of this post before posting. Since it will take you time to compose a useful bug report, you will want to see if the issue is already known before doing that.

      5. This is a trial run at open BETA testing. In the event I spend too much time responding to posts asking for log files, etc. I will have to remove this release and change to a closed BETA available only to selected users.
      In short, I expect bugs in this BETA release and so should you. If you are not comfortable running this in the role of a Tester for ShamWOW do not download this release.

      I have tested RAF Healing a great deal as it is the focus of this release. I am working to improve on something that already worked well, but Cataclysm necessitated some changes due to mana regeneration dropping off sharply.

      I have also grinded and quested with entry level characters and end game characters. I also got sidetracked and spent a couple hours dueling lowbie characters in the start area (not productive, but fun.)

      I need people to test Battlegrounds and running RAF as DPS. I have tested these, but have made a lot of changes since the last round of that testing and need your assistance there.

      You can now specify the Priority for Healing spells for PVP and RAF Group Healing. For now you are able to control each of the individual values. Longer term I anticipate simply providing Present buttons for different healing situations. For testing purposes, please be sure to try the default values.

      [KNOWN BUGS]
      1. HonorBuddy will automatically try a Soulstone or Reincarnation self-ressurrect without checking what is in the vicinity.

      [I][B]02/02/11 Revision  4.3.06-BETA
      [/B][/I]FIXED - PVP - All Builds:  fixed bug when picking up a new target which was introduced with Pet fix in last release
      FIXED - Vehicles:  should now correctly detect when in a vehicle and not try to cast spells
      FIXED - Healing: fixed error thrown when heal target selected dies between the time they are selected and heal is cast
      CHANGE - Elemental: Earthquake - normally cast only if 5+ mobs are in AoE.  if Glyph of Chain Lightning is slotted, will only cast Earthquake if 8+ mobs in area.  
      CHANGE - Elemental: Earthquake - will only cast if Mana > 60%
      CHANGE - PVP - All Builds:  removed logic which would blacklist targets that ran out of LoS
      CHANGE - Grind/Questing - Combat Style:  changed the "Disable Totems / CDs" to "Low-level Farming" combat style so it will also prevent applying a shield.  This is intended to be used for farming low-level content.  Lightning Shield can cause mobs being farmed for +rep to die and not give rep.  
      [I][B]01/30/11 Revision  4.3.05-BETA[/B][/I]
      FIX - All Specs:  fix for HonorBuddy pet/elemental totem targeting issue.  Shaman no longer runs away from fight after casting Earth Elemental
      FIX - All Specs:  fix for Unleash Elements.  bug was causing it to believe weapons did not have imbue so attack casts were prevented
      FIX - All Specs:  when taking a flying mount or taxi/vehicle will cause dismount in air.  fixes startup with Archaeology Buddy when already in air as well as error messages that sometimes occurred when started while taking taxis between cities, etc.
      FIX - Elemental ALL:  Corrected message when Fulmination to indicate it waits for 7+ stacks rather than 8+
      FIX - Elemental PVP:  added Fulmination Check when determining what Shock to cast.  Previously was only being done in PVE
      CHANGE - Elemental PVP:  will not cast totems before attacking a mounted player; totem cast was allowing mounted player to be out of range by time attack cast
      CHANGE - Elemental PVP:  will Hex target to silence prior to initial nuke attack
      FIX - Resto PVP:  Shield Twisting values used for Water Shield / Earth Shield when healing in Battlegrounds.  This corrects alternating shield spam caused when mana was at Emergency % in battlegrounds.  Also allows forcing water shield or earth shield 100% of the time in Battleground.  Outside of Battleground numbers apply to Water Shield/Lightning Shield, except when in RAF Group which still forces Water Shield
      CHANGE - some messages that were in Log window now moved to Debug window
      [I][B]01/15/11 Revision  4.3.04-BETA
      [/B][/I]FIX - Removed code causing character to pause in Battlegrounds until health regen'd to 100%
      CHANGE - Elemental PVP: changed so totems are thrown at start of fight.  This delays burst by 1 Totem GCD but will help slightly with survivability
      CHANGE - Elemental PVP: changed criteria for Thunderstorm so cast when multiple enemies within 10 yds.  Previously for melee range. 
      CHANGE - Resto:  now checks that Chain Heal will hit minimum of 3 targets (up from 2)  and that Healing Rain will hit minimum of 4 targets (up from 3.)  
      CHANGE - Resto:  prior to Chain Heal cast, will attempt to cast Riptide on primary target 
      [I][B]01/14/11 Revision  4.3.03-BETA[/B][/I]
      FIX - Spell Casting: was not cleanly waiting for completion of spell before begin next pass on spell priorities which sometimes resulted in wrong sepll being selected.  
      FIX - Enhancement: primarily on Fast Pull, Shaman will spin at high speed around target never attacking.  Will now detect situation, stop facing, strafe one step away, then re-face.  Also some changes to timing of calls to Face the current target
      FIX - Resto PVP: chain heal was including all players in hop count (including opposing faction) resulting in too frequent use of Chain Heal
      FIX - Mount Up:  HB would sometimes attempt to mount during a spell cast.  Now prevent until spell cast has completed.
      CHANGE - Mount Up:  if Indoors and HB attempts to mount, will switch to Ghost Wolf form
      FIX - Corpse Release:  seen mostly in PVP, was attempting to wait out a situation that never occurred.  Now correctly detect death and stop waiting.
      FIX - Unleash Elements:  now check that weapons have an imbue before allowing cast.  previously would in specific circumstances begin log spam during pull until in combat
      FIX - Rest:  added Stop Movement before eating and drinking.  Should already have been stopped at this point, but this call will enforce in case Bot or Plugin had started movement
      CHANGE - Resto:  if mana below emergency level and mana tide is on cooldown, will cast mana spring
      CHANGE - Resto:  RAF Only - changed to set totems within range of tank only after tank is in combat and within 10 yds of target.  
      CHANGE - Resto:  made setting totems and casting shields a higher priority
      CHANGE - Elemental:  Fulmination now checks for 7+ stacks from 8+ stacks.  Previously would sometimes hit a shock cooldown that would leave Shaman at 9 stacks for 1 or more GCDs. Now checks for 7 or more and should fire within 1 GCD of 9th stack.
      CHANGE - Resto:  PVP Only - changed so if mana below emergency level, will cast Water Shield 
      CHANGE - Resto:  RAF Only - when casting Riptide for Tidal Waves buff, will cast on TANK if Riptide buff has fallen off and needs a heal
      FIX - Totems:  All specs, but noticed most with Enhancement - Was at times experiencing a delay in first attempt to set totems each fight.  This should no longer occur.
      FIX - Totems:  Totemic Recall Was encountering a timing issue where a call would fail for no reason, giving the visual impression that no attempt to recall totems had occurred.  
      [I][B]01/12/11 Revision  4.3.02-BETA[/B][/I]
      FIX - Unleash Elements:  Added checks for weapon imbues to be present before casting Unleash Elements.  
      FIX - Arena: Now uses options on PVP tab even in hybrid environments such as Multibox
      FIX - Arena: Resto Shaman in Arena no longer have Earth Shield spam loop
      FIX - Weapon Imbues:  Should no longer get in a weapon imbue cast loop while out of combat.  WOW client lag in updating Buff after weapon imbue cast was causing an issue.  Since the lag varies user to user, the problem only affected some.  
      FIX - Heroism:  Now checks for Exhaustion debuff instead of Sated for Alliance characters.
      CHANGE - MountUp event:  behavior that was broken by removal of SequenceOverride_MountUp from HonorBuddy now restored.  Will now properly 
      recall totems before mounting if any exist.  Will also detect if nearby battleground member needs heal before mounting to avoid mount/dismount caused by spell cast.
      [I][B]01/08/11 Revision  4.3.01-BETA[/B][/I]
      FIX:  correct typo in use of Unleash Weapons for Enhancement
      CHANGE:  changed order of rest processing to apply buffs before entering ghost wolf form rather than after exiting ghost wolf (which usually means in combat)
      FIX:  now call .Face to face mob without checking .IsFacing, which in rare situations returned a false positive causing shaman to never face mob in some fights (mobs that charge or run past us)
      CHANGE:  slightly revised order of some spell casting and gcd checking to adhere more closely to spell priority 
      CHANGE:  casting method used for Lightning Bolt after 5 stacks of maelstrom.  previous API was returning that spell was on cooldown some times and missing cast opportunities
      CHANGE:  5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon are now also checked for during Pull.  This helps in cases where mobs are dying too fast and Maelstrom stacks would fall off before moving to and pulling next mob was completed.
      [I][B]01/07/10 Revision  4.3.00-BETA[/B][/I]
      == GROUP HEALING ==
      ADDED: Support for user control of heal spell selection for PVP and RAF Group Healing
      CHANGE: changed applying Earth Shield test to only move within range of tank.  Previously would sometimes move within melee range of tank.
      CHANGE: now cancels a heal in progress if target is above NeedHeal amount.  this fixes what was referred to by users as double heal problem.  provides same level of responsiveness in heal intensive fights without the mana loss.  note: healing too quickly (before WoW client has updated targets health %) can still occur with instant heals, but should not be a significant issue due to their longer cooldowns
      CHANGE: now cancels a heal in progress on a DPS character if detected that Tank or Healer are dangerously low.
      == CONFIG == 
      ADDED: new Group Healing window tab and config file values for controlling group healing in PVP and RAF.  Users now have control over selecting at what Health % spells are cast and prioritizing.
      ADDED: removed PVP_GroupNeedHeal and RAF_GroupNeedHeal from config since these are calculated values based upon the healing spell setup.  In the Config windows these values are still displayed for reference but cannot be modified directly.
      == RAF == 
      ADDED: support to switch to Healing over Combat automatically if Combat Style is set to Auto and the player with group role Healer dies
      ADDED: will force use of Water Shield if your Group Role is healer, regardless of your spec.  This will provide better mana regen when healing as Elemental prior to purchasing Dual Spec or when forced into a off healer role when healer dies.
      ADDED: Beauty, Blackrock Caverns added to Fear mob list
      == GENERAL == 
      CHANGE: check to see if we enter combat or die while eating/drinking.  Shouldn't be required since it checks for Food and Drink aura which WOW removes when combat or death occurs, but user reported caused problems at times in PVP so easy additional test added.
      ADDED: support for Drawf racial Stoneform to cleanse poison and disease
      ADDED: support for Unleash Elements in Enhancement and Resto.  Addition to Elemental rotation will appear in subsequent release.
      CHANGE:  Fulmination support now casts Earth Shock when it recognizes 8 stacks rather than 9.  Change due to recommendations in EJ and TotemSpot.
      FIX: problem with Magma Totem spam fixed when multiple mobs in melee range
      FIX: added workaround for errant returns from HB GlobalCooldown API
      FIX: sometimes ignored totem selection of None and cast what would be Auto selected totem
      FIX: when fear mob detected, no longer assumes tremor totem has been trained before casting.  mainly eliminates some message spam in log file
      CHANGE: weapon imbues will now be checked for during combat rather than only during rest since they are required for Unleash Elements.

      Last edited: Aug 6, 2012
    5. jawn

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      Waiting.... Tease :) OH YOU TEASE!!!!! SO NOT FAIR!!! LOL
    6. bobby53

      bobby53 New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      LOL... wasn't my intent. Posting so the Shaman community knew that work on ShamWOW continues. Also did to establish the URLs for the initial posts. The new version has a GUI and its help function will link to the forums. I'll be posting some bitmaps of the GUI shortly.
    7. jaycrew

      jaycrew New Member

      Feb 6, 2010
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      Looks really promising. I'm eager to give it a whirl.
    8. dj_hype

      dj_hype New Member

      May 15, 2010
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      Yay! Can't wait to use this to level a shammy after I get done leveling my priest!
    9. Xray

      Xray New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Ohh GIMMIE!!
    10. silverjax

      silverjax New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      i love you.
    11. Ilja Rogoff

      Ilja Rogoff Well-Known Member

      Jan 25, 2010
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      testing atm. seems to work good so far
    12. B3AST

      B3AST Member

      Mar 6, 2010
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      Sounds incredible, will start my shammy up again
    13. jaycrew

      jaycrew New Member

      Feb 6, 2010
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      This is better than I had expected. I've been watching my resto shaman do random BGs and he's a beast, almost always topping healing meters and playing well all-around. Thanks for your work!
    14. pernil90

      pernil90 New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      My char won't cast Stormstrike, how do i enable it?
    15. tozededao

      tozededao Community Developer

      Jan 15, 2010
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      It's working really nice, I love the totem thing. Altough it's not dispelling diseases :\
    16. LiquidAtoR

      LiquidAtoR Community Developer

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Thanks for the release, testing it on my shammy atm.

      First thing I noticed is that it's casting totemic recall during the next combatcycle (so it casts totemic recall, and sets a new set of totems on the ground).
      This is a "loss" of a GCD while in combat.

      The former version did this after combat has finished (my guess in the resting part), where I think it would be a better spot to recall the totems.
      Sometimes when there's no mob available it rides further away and "looses" the mana on the recall of the totems.

      Maybe a point to consider.

      Edit1: Also noticed now it uses Feral Spirits and Heroism on single targets which are lower or equal to my toon's level.
      Was this intended to work like that? I would save such ones for stressfull situations.

      After some more running I found it out I think.
      Seems it has some form of rangecheck for the totems.
      It's not always casting totemic recall in batlle.
      It seems when it's out of reach of the totems it does this (whether resting or when battle has commenced).

      Edit2: Does the enhancement part also make use of the Earth and Fire Elemental totems?

      Further it looks sweet, thanks.
      Last edited: May 28, 2010
    17. bobby53

      bobby53 New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Thanks for the feedback Liquid... responses to your post below...

      When combat is complete, it adds the pull distance and the Totemic Recall Distance setting and checks for a target within that range. If no targets are within range it does the Recall. If a target is within range it attacks leaving the existing totems. If during the attack your character is now beyond the Totemic Recall Distance it will recall and then recast. Basically, you can't forecast with complete accuracy whether the totems will still be in range for the next fight. The user specifiable range allows you to tailor so it errs on the side you prefer, either recalling more often and being sure to not lose a GCD, or recall less often and save some mana at the risk of realizing when you get to the next fight the recall is needed. So at the moment, it is working as intended. In the many hours of testing that I have logged on this release it feels more human to me, but the default of 35 yards may be a little high. Let me know as you use it and see the new behavior more if that warrants a change.

      The behavior I designed in prior versions is still available. Just set the Distance to 0 and Recall should always occur as the first part of Resting at the end of a fight.

      These are controlled through the PVE Combat Style. Choosing the style Survivability (PVP Realm) saves them for stressful situations as designed in earlier versions. Combat Style is your place to choose whether to blow out CD's when they are available or to save them so they are available for troublesome fights in the future. I check for level ranges on other abilities so it may make sense to have a lower range where it makes no sense to use them since mobs die so quickly already. I treat mobs 3+ levels or higher as stressful fights. How many levels lower should mobs be considered "trivial" and not warrant CD's?

      Good catch. No, at the present it does not. That should be in the next release.
      Last edited: May 28, 2010
    18. bobby53

      bobby53 New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      You are correct, it presently does not unless you spec the Cleansing Totem in your totem bar for fights. I'll look at making that both a combat and non-combat option.
      Last edited: May 28, 2010
    19. bobby53

      bobby53 New Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Thanks Jaycrew. Resto is actually its best Battleground spec atm the moment. For anyone interested in Enhancement and Elemental it works but could use some revision which it will get in upcoming releases. In the meantime I would recommend choosing the PVP Combat Style: Combat + Healing for ALL BUILDS for anyone doing battlegrounds currently. The key in battlegrounds is showing a lot of activity whether its killing blows, damage done, or healing done. By choosing Combat + Healing you ensure that you get the most numbers across categories possible. If you add damage done and healing done, you should typically be near the top of your groups battleground stats.
      Last edited: May 28, 2010
    20. LiquidAtoR

      LiquidAtoR Community Developer

      Jan 15, 2010
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      I think he was referring to the "Cure Toxins" spell in the resto tab of the spellbook, than the use of a totem.

      Edit: Which is cast according to my logs, so nm this post ^^
      Edit2: Which was the test of something else, lol. I'm mixing up things now. The comment is still valid I think.
      Last edited: May 28, 2010
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