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  • Show me a command list

    Discussion in 'Requests' started by pokerumpo, May 2, 2017.

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      Feb 26, 2017
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      I think all "upcoming actions" that are queued should be shown in a list and cancellable, and reorder-able. They are in memory somewhere...just give us a view and the ability to manipulate them.

      So, when I queue a fight or poke stop it should build a list I can see...if I encounter a rare along the way I'd like to be able to insert a catch command immediately when I see it instead of continuing with the current list.

      I should also see the bot's automatic commands in the list and be able to cancel or reorder them as well.

      Finally....waypoints...just a "walk here" command to a random point. Would be soooooo useful for moving to a new cluster of pokestops or going over to the spawn point you know is just outside current radius...

      Thanks for considering it! ;-)

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