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    Discussion in 'Requests' started by deadlywario0, Feb 11, 2017.

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      Main credit for this post goes to user clandestine
      Saw a thread like this but saw the last update was in 2016 so decided to give it a go myself
      Last Updated(Local EST) 11:56PM 2/11/17 (Calling it a night)

      Note: If the thread is in a foreign(non english) language I have probably skipt over it, or if it has been suggested/is already on here.

      Progress: 7/31 Pages

      - (Duplicate Esque) means idea has been suggested already and is on the list (usually only added to the list when the thread contains more then one idea)


      More precise control over movement set a course for the bot to follow
      Option to force the bot to walk towards a specific point
      Adding an additional option to movement between walking and jogging (at 5km/hr example)
      An option to make the bot drift less from starting point when using "Stay within X Meters"
      Option to walk to gym when clicking on a gym, when manually selecting pokestop to walk towards, implement the logic to still catch/spin pokestops while walking to that point
      Using Google walk API or mapzen
      Option to right click a pokestop and increase movement speed while walking to said stop in order to get there faster
      Dynamically allow the "Stay within range" to move with the "ultra ball"

      Pokeball Logic
      IV based pokeball selection logic
      More options for pokeball throwing logic
      (Duplicate Esque) Option to set hit rate of pokeballs to simulate being a human for Anti-Ban

      Bot Functionality

      An option to stay stocked on pokeballs in high(5+ lure 24/7) areas
      More control over transfer options to keep the pokemon best suited for Gyms
      A splash Screen at the end of a session to show items gained/stardust gained/exp gained ect
      Seeing the range circle pop up on the map before you hit start
      Separate log to show egg hatches
      Auto Accepting TOS+doing tutorial
      More favoriteing pokemon logic, by IV/CP/Level
      An option for an extended-pause to allow semi manual play when the bot is active
      Option to save client side settings in the settings File/other location incase of error(s)
      Automatically catch rares despite having "X pokemon caught/hr" limit reached. (I.E go over the limit to catch a lapras)
      option to change wait time after evolution making it shorter for more xp/lucky egg
      An option to keep only X total pokeballs but once hit an option to recycle lower tier to keep the higher tier
      option to select or deselect all in the logic rule configuration UI
      Pokestops being blue when unlooted and changing color to purple when looted just like ingame (As well as forcing gyms to keep there coloration)
      More Randomization on movespeed/altitude and wait times (I.E walk speed variant)
      An option on the main PF UI, while the bot is running, to show how many total eggs you have and what type they are
      A option to see how many captcha's we got during the session, as well as writing this to the log file
      Different shapes for "stay within X meters" I.E square, polygon
      Better logic in handling xfers regarding favorites, I.E when you select all, have it automatically weed out the favorites and not attempt to transfer them
      An option to setup PF to auto-start at a location in "X" time to allow better "manual" sniping
      Option to only catch pokemon if above CP/IV
      Option to automatically keep pokemon to evolve/transfer for maximum efficiency, (I.E pidgey takes 12 candies to evolve so for every 12 candies you have keep that many pidgeys automatically) (option to set max threshold?)
      More visulization of what the bot is planning to do, (I.E instead of seeing what the bot is currently doing see what the bot is doing for the next couple steps)
      (Duplicate-Esque) Option to more heavily prioritze pokestops in order to reach a certain threshold of pokeballs before continuing
      Option to save several coordinate sets so you can easily switch locations without having to memorize or write down the coords
      Ability to edit logic features while the bot is running
      Individually set pokeball and razzberry CP logic settings for each pokemon
      (Duplicate Esque) Option to automatically make pokemon kept relative to the amount it ttakes to evolve and how many candies we have
      Add "OR" logic ability to logic rules (I.E an option to keep a pokemon IF "X greater then or less then" OR "Y greater then or less then" condition is met
      Toggle to use lucky egg then auto evolve pidgeys/caterpies/weedles ect ect.
      Option to auto favorite 100% IV pokemon
      Move "Force Transfer" away from Power-UP on UI or require double confirmation
      Auto rename IV directly after catch
      (Duplicate Esque)Automatically stop bot upon threshold XP/Stardust ect (Also empty bag when over max inventory)

      Option to prioritze which eggs to do first when you only have the UL incubator left

      Option to show timer for lucky egg and Incese like they display ingame(on the PF main UI Frame, possibly overlapping the map)
      (Duplicate Esque) Option to have a hierachy of which items to keep over what items when inventory is full or near full (I.E keep higher tier potions and balls over lower tier)

      Other + UI Related
      Giving credit to google for using "openstreetmap"
      Option to use PF with linux, linux variants or other operating systems and there variants
      Option to set "local time" for PF to allow for better understanding when the bot is pausing(I.E bot paused til 6:52PM, but the local time is 5:52PM)
      More frequently updating current stardust amount as well as how much stardust is required for each levelup for each pokemon
      Client saves sort settings under "my pokemon"
      Add pushbullet support to see what is going on with your bot while AFK
      More control over breaktimes, and option to set and save breaktimes for repetitve use
      Integrate spawn point scanning to maximize were the bot looks for pokemon in rural areas
      Integrate french language for everything on PF, as well as other languages
      Have PF make a sound when a captcha appears on the bot(on speakers, so you could hear it and go solve the captcha)
      Pokedex tab to see how close we are to catching them all!
      More remote control functionallity telegram/discord/WhatsAPP remote control

      BuddyAuth/Site Related
      Ability to give keys nickanmes in order to easily differentiate between what key you are using for what account (incase you have multiple keys)

      Crash/Problem/Bug Related
      List corrupts and crashes client after catching 100+ of a pokemon
      PF not accepting Plus signs "+" or "/" in passwords

      Features already Added
      Exporting pokemon list to Excel/.CSV
      Change maximum power up
      Save client side settings
      Max power-up button
      Same evolution time on PF as ingame
      Stay at lured pokestop option
      Choose what limited incubators are used for what option of eggs
      Favorite pokemon AKA do not transfer button
      Move transfer button away from powerup button
      Ability to select multiple pokemon in the "My Pokemon" tab using Shift+Click

      Declined Idea's
      Auto-Import proxy list/settings with a formatted txt file
      Customizing color coded logs
      Automatically start at random position within the blue starter circle
      Another Sniping Thread
      Gym Support
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