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  • TalkTo: Options - Please upgrade

    Discussion in 'Buddy Wing Forum' started by derFalke, May 5, 2017.

    1. derFalke

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      Apr 6, 2017
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      i would like that i can select manual what the bot would say like:

      <TalkTo QuestId="0xE000EA890D62A382" Name="Mining Foreman" X="-102.7033" Y="5.082543" Z="-15.82312" TalkOption="1,3,6,2" />

      Because for recruting companions it is important what to choose if you decline or if you want the companion.

      Xalek for example is impossible to get with the bot as an companion because if you choose dark side you kill him and if you take light side you imprission him.

      As well as Ak’ghal Usar (Completed Chapter 12) when you have to use in the talk some option to solve it. It is also impossible to take the "Autoskip" option offline during script so the user could talk and even choose the right answers, so i suggest upgrading the talkto parameters.

      I am not sure about Broonmark (Completed Chapter 14 ) because to get broonmark you have, as well, choose a correct "order" of "speech options".

      best regards

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