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  • Tanaris Mining(mithril) - no Mail, no repair - (FLY)

    Discussion in 'Kalimdor' started by Raggar, Jul 31, 2014.

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      [GB2] Tanaris Mining(mithril) - no Mail, no repair - [FLY]

      I needed a profile for mithril as i want to level blacksmithing so i made my own.
      Its just fly around the hole circle in tanaris.

      For me its very sweet. Also the price for mithril at my server is high, so i get some dime :)

      [Gatherbuddy2]: Stopped gatherbuddy after gathering 131 nodes in 1h 37m 23s.
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Mithrilvorkommen: 116
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Goldader: 11
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Echtsilbervorkommen: 4

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