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    Discussion in 'Discussions (no Ban Reports here)' started by vandalrugby, Feb 4, 2017.

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      I have been a "HonorBuddy" guy for many years now. I've never used it to make gold or do whatever, but basically so I can play with my son and use the CRs for him. I've always known there is an inherited risk. That being said....come on man....

      Somehow those of us who bought lifetime passes, years or months ago now have to re-up? Only an educated guess, but that was originally 45 to 47 percent of your profit margin before legal fees?

      So now you find yourself in a losing battle with a detection portion of WoW that you can't handle and instead of putting on the red light and evaluating, you just ask for more money. I would assume because you are not stupid people, this was for a specific purpose. You're losing the fight and more than that, the battle. So, why not F the other guy over right?

      I would have expected more out of you guys. It is really just sad.

      Again, I say this knowing full well there is a risk, but several ban streaks in a row does not make a good business model. The lack of conforming to new identification techniques while increasing prices on loyal customers points to a very different methodology.

      This ship has sunk. We all need to scurry like rats very quickly.
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