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  • Trick to avoid Soft Ban

    Discussion in 'Pokefarmer Forum' started by Bablito, Aug 1, 2016.

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      Aug 1, 2016
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      Seems like alot of people are getting soft banned, so here's the trick to avoid it. Use logic movements.

      For example if you live in Toronto and want to farm in Central Park NY, calculate the estimated time to travel (Just google something like Toronto to New York)

      Step 1: Log on Pokemon Go
      Step 2: Logout (It's just so the game register your location). PS: You don't have to actually logout, just make sure the app isn't running anymore (Force Stop it if you have to. Why? So your app doesn't stay updated with your GPS)
      Step 3: Verify the time to your destination (Giving to Google, Toronto to Central Park is about 7hours 45mins, so you should probably do the next steps overnight)
      Step 4: Change your location to Central Park NY (This can be done while you wait OR when the time is up)
      Step 5: Once the timer is up, you can log back into your game and you'll be in Central Park, with no soft ban

      Also if you just want to move a couple blocks away, you don't have to wait, you can jump right away (Just not too often) I've tested it myself and it seems like you can jump between 1 meter and 2 kilometers without getting soft banned. Over 2kilometers you get a 15-20mins soft ban

      Important: To change your location back to your actual location, you'll have to repeat these steps.

      PS: Yes I know, soft bans are only 15mins to 4hours, but once Niantic start bothering to look into their players logs for bans, and they see your account got soft banned X times, you'll most likely lose your account for good.

      So this is just a little trick for those who want to avoid any ''danger''.


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