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  • Trinity - Common Problems & Solutions

    Discussion in 'Trinity' started by GilesSmith, Sep 24, 2012.

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    1. GilesSmith

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      Jun 2, 2012
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      Common Problems & Solutions:

      Fresh DemonBuddy Install:
      If you have major problems, or DemonBuddy has an update, or Trinity has a major update (eg 1.4 > 1.5 etc.), always try this first:
      Try a CLEAN install of DB: Download a new copy of DemonBuddy and extract into a new, empty folder (do NOT simply over-write your old folder) and re-download all plugins again (do NOT simply copy them back in from your old folder).

      Config Window Not Working:
      If you are going to your Plugins tab in DemonBuddy, clicking Giles Trinity, clicking config, but the window isn't appearing/is blank/isn't working, then you have not installed the plugin correctly. Go back to the download thread and re-read the install instructions carefully. Now check the folders you have installed to. Did you accidentally double your folders? (eg you accidentally did "DemonBuddy\Plugins\GilesTrinity\GilesTrinity\GilesTrinity.cs"?) Did you rename the folder? Did you forget to make sure BOTH GilesTrinity.cs AND GilesTrinity.xaml are in the plugin folder? All of this is solved if you take your time and go through the install instructions carefully, and check your plugins folder to see if you did it right.
      NOTE: If you are trying to click "Settings" on the MAIN DemonBuddy tab (where you click start/stop) after selecting the "GilesPlugin" combat routine - DON'T PANIC! There isn't a settings window here! All settings are done from plugins tab->Giles Trinity->config button :)

      Other Common Fixes, Solutions or Problems:
      1: Go into your DemonBuddy folder, and *DELETE* the entire "CompiledAssemblies" folder from here (this is completely fine and safe to do - DemonBuddy will rebuild this folder!).
      2: Go into your /settings/ folder in DemonBuddy, and delete the "GilesTrinity.cfg" file here - this will reset your Trinity settings back to default next time you launch DemonBuddy and Trinity.
      3: Go into your /plugins/ folder, and either delete, or move to another folder elsewhere, ALL DISABLED PLUGINS. Even a disabled plugin can cause conflicts!
      4: Make sure you are not running any very old/outdated plugins - check other plugins you use for updates, and if you still have problems, try removing them temporarily.
      5: Do *NOT* use any of my old plugins (Stash Replacer, Combat Replacer, Monster Priority Changer, World Object Handler). These are all old, outdated, and NOT COMPATIBLE! WITH TRINITY - You should delete these!
      6: If your DemonBuddy is installed with a very long path (eg "C:\Program Files\Games\Blizzard\Diablo3\DemonBuddy\" or "C:\Users\<your name>\My Documents\Desktop\Diablo Stuff\Botting\DemonBuddy\" etc. etc.), try moving the entire DemonBuddy folder to a root directory (eg your C: drive), and renaming the DemonBuddy folder to something shorter - so you would now have, for example, "C:\DB\" - this can fix some random issues with plugin configurations not being saved.
      7: Do not start DemonBuddy until you have already logged in to BattleNet (not always needed, but some users have problems if they don't).
      8: Whenever you start DemonBuddy, make sure you are already logged in, and are on the character screen NOT already in a game, before hitting "Start". This fixes some object cache issues in DemonBuddy.
      9: Make sure you select "Giles Plugin" as your combat option when you click "Start" in DemonBuddy. If you do not see this listed after Belphegor and Generic, then go back and follow the install guide in post #1 above.

      Protected Bag Slots:
      Do not use protected bag slots! These can cause looting issues. If you have items you are paranoid about - put them in your stash. If you are super-paranoid, create a mule character and keep them in that character's inventory - but your stash is very safe. You should not even need protected stash pages - Trinity is very very safe! with your gear - it has never accidentally dumped items to the ground or interfered with items already in your stash to my knowledge.

      Virtual Machines:
      Virtual Machines will cause D3 to crash more frequently, and DB CPU use to go up, and DB to be more sensitive to the CPU speed. I personally do not recommend using VM's, nor do I think them necessary in the slightest no matter how many bots you run, but that's not an argument for the Trinity thread. I'm not going to tell you NOT to use them - but if you do, then be prepared for some issues. You can try reducing TPS (Ticks-Per-Second) to a value below 10, in the Trinity advanced settings. Try with 7 or 8, and see how it runs for you.

      Other Plugins:
      This plugin should work great with any plugin release by the CIGGARC team - but I can't vouch for any other plugins.
      It will NOT work with any of the older Giles plugins - they are now defunct and should be removed.
      If you experience random problems, please try removing other plugins you may have installed, especially if they are older plugins that haven't been updated recently.
      Do not simply disable plugins - actually MOVE THEM out of the plugins folder!
      If you report any problems, please list all plugins you have installed.

      Some batch restarters, auto-reloggers, and command-line launchers currently bug DemonBuddy out with large plugins, as DemonBuddy tries to run a routine the instant it loads without waiting for plugins to be loaded. If you have problems and use one of these, please try running DemonBuddy manually the normal way to see if that fixes it, and check the threads of any relogger/launcher application you use to see if they have an update or a fix for this.
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