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well they got me after 11 years

Discussion in 'Discussions (no Ban Reports here)' started by t1a1, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. t1a1

    t1a1 Member

    May 8, 2011
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    1. About your server...

    a. Realm: ( ) EU; ( ) Pacific; (x) US;
    b. Type: (x) PvE; ( ) PvP; ( ) RP;

    2. About the account...

    . Account created after the 10-Nov-2016 banwave? ( ) Yes; (x) No;
    a. Account had previous suspensions or bans? ( ) Yes; (x) No;
    b. Did you bot on this account even once with Tripwire disabled? ( ) Yes; (x) No;

    3. About account usage...

    . How many (average) hours per day did you bot? (2);
    a. What estimated percentage of the time did you supervise your bot? (99 )%;
    b. How many auctions per day did you post on this account? (5) auction count; ( ) per day; (X) per week;

    4. Did you use any non-Honorbuddy bots with this account? ( ) Yes; (x) No;
    If so, which ones? ( );
    (A non-legitimate Honorbuddy should be listed here, as it does not have the same account protections as legitimate Honorbuddy.)

    5. Did you use any H4cks, Che4ts, or mods with this account? ( ) Yes; (x ) No;
    (If so, please name them.)

    6. Which Combat Routines have you used with this account during the PAST FOUR WEEKS?
    ( x) Singular;

    ( ) Accessary Routines;
    ( ) Gladiator Suite;
    ( ) KingWoW;
    ( ) ManOfWar;
    ( ) Millz;
    ( ) Omation;
    ( ) RichieCR;
    ( ) TuanHA;

    ( ) Other third-party (please specify);:

    7. In which of these activities has the account participated as a bot during the PAST FOUR WEEKS?
    ( ) Gold buying;
    ( ) Gold selling;
    ( ) Game-time Token (bought with game gold);

    ( ) PvP: Arena (rated or non-rated);
    ( ) PvP: Battlegrounds (rated or non-rated);
    ( ) PvP: Zones (e.g., Ashran, Wintergrasp, etc.);

    ( ) Archeology sessions (greater than four hours);
    ( ) Dungeon diving (mixed human/bot party);
    ( ) Dungeon farming (SOLO, or ALL-BOT PARTIES, ONLY; same set of dungeons greater than four hours);
    ( ) Dungeon raiding (LFR; 10+ person dungeons)
    ( ) Fishing sessions (greater than four hours);
    ( ) Garrison maintenance / management;
    ( ) Gathering sessions (greater than four hours);
    (x ) Questing (only questing purposes OTHER THAN leveling. E.g., dailies, proto-drake hunting, pet acquisition, etc.);

    ( ) The account used a 'relogger'
    ( ) The account used 'Server hopping';
    ( ) The account used VPN;

    ( ) Something else (please specify);:

    8. Do you have any observations about the event you'd like to share?

    All I know is; the last time I botted on this account was about 4 weeks prior to the life time key banishment. Even then, I had only botted about 5 times in a month. I doubt anyone turned me in, since I’m a solo player that sits and watches the bot, so it doesn’t do anything stupid which it does many times. The reason I mention the afore things, is because I’ve had this particular account for 11 years and it’s never been banned or suspended. I was botting on this account back when Glider was going hard and strong and on a daily basis. I only reopened this account after a 5 month hiatus on Nov. 5 2016. Account was suspended on 02/03/2017. Account has been suspended for 8 months.
    I have no log file to offer, since I deleted everything off my computer that I could find that had anything to do with Honor Buddy. I meticulously went through my registry too and hopefully have everything removed. I did this because I have other accounts that I'll be taking out of hibernation. I don't want them effected just because I have the program on my system which obviously, Blizzard can see, find out or whatever, that it is, even if it's not used or used very little. Things need to calm down and get better before I ever try again. I'm just thankful its a suspension and not a perma ban.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2017
  2. levithih

    levithih New Member

    Mar 5, 2013
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    what is bizarre is the fact that people give the information to blizz. Why would you do that. Give them nothing. they tweak their wardens to look for behaviours. why assist them. "Perplexed".
  3. t1a1

    t1a1 Member

    May 8, 2011
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    Umm nothing was given to them by me here that they didn't apparently already know, least the account wouldn't have been banned in the first place. This post was typed out AFTER the ban. So what is bizarre, is to think I or anyone else gave Blizz something here in the ban section so they could ban us. They have other methods they use. People listing stuff in this ban section that got banned, listed nothing Blizz doesn't already know before they got banned. In fact no other account I have has been banned! Why! Because I did what I said and don't use honor buddy any more. Get it! gud!
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017

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