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  • What build for wiz is most optimal for botting?

    Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Forum' started by limpish, Oct 11, 2015.

    1. limpish

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      Jul 31, 2013
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      just got back to playing abit after a break, (quit early prev season)
      started going as wiz, apparantly I hear that was a bad move ;p

      anyways, I'm running full firebirds blizzard combo that used to be good
      before, at para360 now with pretty decent gear, but its pretty damn slow,
      running t6 but yea, its really inefficient it feels like, perhaps like 2b xp/h at most,
      with largest xpgem in helm and leorics ring.

      is FB best for botting? or vyrs/??? - any tips?
      would greatly appriciate helpful answers :)

      best regards

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