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  • What is your most embarrassing adventure with you fishing buddy?

    Discussion in 'Adventure Mode' started by Conie, Sep 20, 2019.


    if you have buddy like me,do like to throw him in the middle of the ocean?

    1. Me i maybe yes

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    2. But some others maybe not but he will might received a punch.

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    1. Conie

      Conie New Member

      Sep 20, 2019
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      I have a fishing buddy which i think the most stupid one than your buddy.Imagine,We are in the middle in the ocean to do deep fishing.And we are spending almost 8 hours but we still dont have catch even a single fish.But the most embarrassing moment is he ate our bait.And while he is holding the fishing rod.Suddenly he got a bite.And after a few seconds hes phone ring and he throw hes fishing rod because he believes he win the bitcoin lottery.What a stupid move.

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