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  • Why Use Trinity - A Feature List

    Discussion in 'Trinity' started by GilesSmith, Sep 28, 2012.

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      Jun 2, 2012
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      So - you've heard about this Trinity plugin, but why should you use it? Here's why!


      [table="width: 500, class: outer_border"]
      [td]Default DB & Belphegor:[/td]
      [td]Default DB & Generic:[/td]
      [td]Giles Trinity:[/td]
      [td]Moderate DB CPU usage, higher D3 CPU usage, many CPU/FPS spikes and mini-freezes.
      Combat & avoidance only.
      [td]High DB CPU usage, good D3 CPU usage, very smooth but very unintelligent.
      Combat only.
      [td]Lowest DB CPU usage. Lowest D3 CPU usage. Extremely smooth and feature packed.
      Combat, avoidance, looting, anti-stucks, item handling, advanced town-runs, etc.!
      [/table](Exactly the same map, the same routine, in the same situation - surrounded by 10 Inferno grunts, on the same character)
      Trinity actually uses less processing power than default DemonBuddy with Generic or Belphegor. It hits D3 memory less, causes less of those "Mini-freezes" or "spikes" you encounter during big fights - and yet has much more combat intelligence. Note the CPU usage of Demonbuddy and Diablo 3 above on exactly the same laptop in the same situation, with no other extras running.

      - Designed to work instantly out of the box with default settings set to "work best" for all, meaning no work other than to install!
      - Heavily focused on inferno champion farming and item-hunting.
      - Works for any class, any character, at any level.
      - A quick and easy "Pause Button" is added to the main DB window to safely pause the bot.
      Forgot to take your follower out? Just pause the bot, fetch your follower, return back to where you were, and unpause!
      Want to check that legendary in your stash out now? Pause, return to town, check it out, head back to where you were, and unpause!
      - Reduces the CPU load of DemonBuddy and Diablo 3 - allowing you to run more bots on one machine, or just to keep your machine running smoother and quieter!
      - Low-profile handling of Diablo 3 client - has the minimal possible hits on D3 whilst still maintaining full awareness of every situation.
      Less D3 memory hits means less random problems, less "FPS spikes" in Diablo, and means a reduced chance of D3 crashes.

      Items & Loot:
      - Loots in combat - did a legendary just drop? Make an extra effort to grab it! A rare is by your feet? Pick it up and carry on fighting!
      - Out of combat avoidance. Did the monster leave a molten core explosion behind? Trinity waits for it to clear before running to pick the items up.
      - No need for those loot-rules files! Quick simple config options let you set what item levels and qualities to pick up.
      - Full handling for all misc objects - gems, craft tomes, jeweler and blacksmith recipes, potions, everything - with quick easy config options for each.
      - Supports all languages, all clients - it doesn't matter if you use English, Russian, Polish, or anything - it will still support all potions, recipes, designs for you.
      - Pick which potion levels you want, and cap your potion pickups to 100 if you don't want more than 100 potions filling your backpack.
      - Analyzes all items picked up during a town-run, and picks out items that are worth selling automatically - stashing things that might be worth selling on the AH, and junking the rest.
      - Automatically stashes ALL legendaries for you, regardless of their stats or levels.
      - Stashes, salvages, and sells items one at a time, with a randomized time between each action, to make things look more human.
      - Quick and easy options let you change how much more or less junk you want stashing.
      - Safe stashing! Having poor latency no longer risks DemonBuddy mis-stashing your items or throwing items on the ground because it's stashing quicker than your connection can handle.
      - Automatically detects any problems and errors and treats your stash with extra care if problems are detected, to make sure nothing is missed.
      - Full and detailed log files log every single item that is stashed, and every single item that is junked, with a breakdown of stats for each - so you can monitor what your bot is keeping and junking!
      - Pick what sort of gold-stack sizes you want your bot to try and pick up or ignore.
      - Judges the distance of gold piles to decide if a pile far away is really worth picking up or not - and if a smaller pile that happens to be close by is worth getting.
      - Very brief pauses briefly after combat ensure you never miss loot spewing from a rare because your bot ran ahead before it finished dropping to the ground.
      "And you get THIS underwater writing pen for FREE!"

      Mobile Phone Alerts:
      - Supports the "Prowl" iPhone app and the "Notify my Android" Android notification apps;
      Send you a mobile alert whenever you stash a legendary item, telling you the item type, legendary name, and statistics, and which bot stashed it.
      Options to notify you about every other item type stashed at different score levels - want it to notify you of highly scored yellow weapons? It can do that too!
      [table="width: 850"]

      "But wait... there's even MORE!"

      Detailed Statistics:
      - Log-files created in your Trinity folder detail a complete and detailed breakdown of statistics;
      How many level 63 items are dropping? How many of them are rares? How many ilvl 63 rares do you pickup an hour on average for each bot? How many deaths and runs are you completing an hour on average?
      "Order now and get it at HALF THE USUAL PRICE!"

      - Instantly upgrade the power of your bot - many players have been able to jump ahead an entire Act of champion farming simply by moving to Trinity!
      - Every single skill for every single class is supported immediately without needing ANY configuration from you!
      - Extremely fast and intelligent target selection.
      - Instant target re-selection as the situation changes.
      - Immediate detection of being stuck or body-blocked and changing targets to closer-objects.
      - Fastest attacks possible - can utilize skills and attacks almost as fast a human can, even for rapid attacks like Frenzy!
      - Complex handling of different builds and unusual skills, such as whirlwind barbarians, archon-tanks, etc.
      - Ability to multi-task - can use health-pools, shrines, open containers, destroy barricades, and loot items WHILE FIGHTING!
      - Extremely fast avoidance routine - no path-finding means no CPU increase or "mini-fps-spikes", and yet can make intelligent decisions with avoiding arcane beams, ice-bombs etc.
      - Avoidance is so fast it can successfully avoid mobile projectiles like the wasp-projectiles in Act 2!
      - Automatically goes for health-globes when needed and safe.
      - Completely customizable avoidance system - you decide what to avoid, and when, for each class - but the standard default settings mean you will be able to run it perfectly first time without doing a thing!
      "And get this free knife set with a usual RRP of $149.99!"

      Barricades, Containers, Shrines & Objects:
      - Completely handles all world objects automatically and intelligently.
      - Ignores all "junk" containers like corpses by default, while making a bigger effort to open chests and especially resplendent chests.
      - Has a huge set of data developed over time from player feedback to correctly ignore things it shouldn't go for, and prioritize more important things, causing less stucks and faster runs.
      - Can use health-wells when low on health.
      - Automatically blacklists objects it cannot reach - such as objects down on another level, or across a ravine - but only for short durations so you can get another chance to loot them as your bot runs around.
      - Handles barricades quickly, and picks the best skill for the job, regardless of how your hotbar is set up (no more forcing whatever is on your left-mouse-button for barricades!).
      - Can handle special objects in dungeons, such as levers, switches, etc.
      - Can handle everything mid-combat.
      "It even washes your laundry!"

      Trinity Development & Code:
      - All of the code has been heavily commented, making it easy for advanced users to find what they want and make changes for advanced customization.
      - Full support by Giles and other members of the community to help you find the code you want to change, and make the changes you need.
      - Continually developed over time, driven heavily by requests, comments and ideas made by the community.
      "Order now, while stocks last!"
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