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  • [Workaround]In case you followed the guide and still have issues

    Discussion in 'Watchover Tyrant - ESP for Overwatch' started by Tony, May 26, 2016.

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    1. Tony

      Tony "The Bee" Staff Member Moderator

      Jan 15, 2010
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      1.Make sure your Overwatch client using EN (English) language,if not you can switch it via Bnet launcher (Game settings)

      2.Some users got some firewall difficulties,your firewall must be enabled

      When running Tyrant on your machine for the first time,while your firewall is enabled,a window will pop asking you if you allow Tyrant to get through your firewall.
      You have to choose "Allow Access".

      For some users this step is not enough and they have to run/close Tyrant since there is no firewall pop up window,so you have to run/close Tyrant 3-4 times and choose "Allow Access" everytime
      till there is no pop up any more.

      After that you should be ready to go!

      Thats a temporary workaround :)

      Sorry for the inconvenience!
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