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    gcxbfhgfg Mar 3, 2017

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    May 23, 2021
      1. IV_RMX
        Hi! It's IV_RMX from wowjp.net! Do you write to this site?

        Я заинтересован в *****s изгнать с этого форума. Есть ли возможность для достижения этой цели, например, ежемесячные пожертвования?

        Honorbuddy & Gatherbuddy *****s

        Bossland from thebuddyforum.com
      2. brandtiboyy
        I just bought 1 session of honorbuddy, but i didn't recieve any email with username and password?
      3. Skunkfarmer
      4. Rockztar
        Hello Bossland, I bought the Honorbuddy 1 year key for second time today, but when I try to log in at the program with my profile, it still says:
        Please purchase a Buddy Product!
        Authentication failed!

        Can you fix this or tell me what I do wrong pls?
      5. Prison
        Ich habe ausversehen 3 mal den bot gekauft warum auch immer ich denke mal weil 2 zahlungsmethoden bei mir nicht gingen. Aufedenfall wollt ich den nur 1x kaufen ich hoffe sie endschuldigen mir den dummen fehler=)
        Und ist es möglich den key schon zu bekommen? habe Ihnen nen screen von meiner onlineüberweisung geschickt per e-mail=).
        danke im vorraus.

        Grezz Denny
      6. mikeshan
        nice site :)

      7. dicksson
        Yesterday, everything works fine. but today I would start the bot to crash on someone who knows what the problem might be I'll try to INSTALLED about it again. it will have been updated or is there a known problem. crashes when I press the login
      8. fockink
        ^^ hey bossland could u supply me with the link to where the 30 day key for gatherbuddy is i cannot seem to find it ^^

        me too =x
      9. MR.jojoz
        i need u to activate my account pls. Invoice Number 50655
      10. dragonor01
        hey bossland could u supply me with the link to where the 30 day key for gatherbuddy is i cannot seem to find it
      11. rejeosten
        Bossland ,- ill help you abit with the posts below ;D

        1) he has a life, other than helping you with his great program ( that i <3 btw..)
        2) stop complaining about him being "slow" and not taking care of his customers - make a post and he will help as soon as he can..
        3) i <3 u Bossland xD
      12. HB4768X12
        can you change my name to Kyube?
      13. jonoschmalke
        Keep up the good work
      14. Rchy
      15. kimchimarine
        Bossland, is there a way you can just delete my forum/shop account and let me start with a new one just to avoid any future problems? I've as far as i've know, input all my info and binded the forum and shop account, yet it says 0/0 on lifetime sessions. My email is kimchimuncher@gmail.com and invoice is 16371.
      16. zidar
      17. syget
        Why istn the payment working do you have msn or something you aint answering me here
        why havent i got the product thing?
      18. Rchy

        I recently purchased Honorbuddy single (1 year) about 1 hour ago. I used a direct link somebody gave me from [Bot] The Complete Honorbuddy Guide/Setup (LONG READ) . This means I purchased Honorbuddy WITHOUT an account. I got emails saying it's all done and everything, but I haven't got an email with my account details in or anything. Please help?
      19. syget
        I guees its Up to another product or what No support here to fix Your problems ???
      20. zidar
        4 houres later no replay on my problem ... bossland will you pleas look at my problem so my account will work ????
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