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    Jul 20, 2010
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      1. marko001
        Dude can you pm me if you get this message?
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      2. johngeorge
        hey long time no see anyone willing to make a rift bot for me?
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      3. Keanu
        I will never understand why you are that polite to all members of this forum even to the ones who never learned to read, write or search.
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      4. lambo
        How can I go on when my forum is locked. Can a river flow when there is no water? Can a plutonium plant fry my face off while im standing in the core reactor if there is not plutonium? I am hurt and cut off.... who else out there care about the littlePapeto... who knows how to love that rug rat and make him suckle from a barren teet.... I do.... I do... but I will not carry on.... I am stun locked and shape shifted... I cant blink and I dont have a bubble to hearth from the Locked forum.... where can I go? I have no where to go... I will sit and wait for my year membership with HB and then I will hang the last of the drywall and seal myself in.... no doors... no windows... just drywall and an un able to log in HB account.... Little Papeto will be of age then and I will just send him on his own to fend for himself. Dont you cry for me...
        Don't cry for me Argentina
        The truth is I never left you
        All through my wild days
        My mad existence
        I kept my promise
        Don't keep your distance
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      Always glad to help fellow users when possible, I prefer to do it through the forums instead of Personal Messaging. I take everyone for their stated face value, and try to do so with respect. Occasionally in the forums, my reply will contain a friendly rib-poking, but never flame.

      We're always open to feedback, so fire away.


      "Success is not measured by how high you climb,
      but by how many people you bring with you on the way up."​

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