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  • highvoltz
    Mar 22, 2010
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      1. ImLord
        Hi sir!
        Could you help me to complete profile for quest The Legend of Rethu Ironhorn?
        it have 3 speak
        Speak with Ronos Ironhorn to learn the tale of Rethu Ironhorn.

        Learn about Rethu Ironhorn

        Learn about Rethu's mining

        Learn what happened to Rethu
        and i will use this code : <CustomBehavior File="Misc\RunLua" WaitTime="2000" Lua="StaticPopup1Button1:Click();" />
        plz help me
      2. khadirstyle
        I Want Make Profile But I cant. Can You Make For Me ? I Need Rift Keystone Fragment I Want Kill Fast Skeleton King Act 1. Can you Make For Me ?
      3. Peters
        Hello Highvoltz.
        I can't seem to find the SVN needed for the Ultimate PVP suite? I see that the post thanks you for the code. Could you possibly link that on this thread or something so I can use.

        Thanks for all your GREAT work!! Keep it up!!
      4. bl4ck
      5. Rochy
        hi highvoltz thank you for your work, i have a problem with HBrelog in the log i can read:
        starting F:\Documents and Settings\valerio\Desktop\Honorbuddy 2.5.6384.495\Honorbuddy.exe
        [1.42.21] "" mine/erbe: Closing Honorbuddy because it took too long to attach
        [1.42.21] "" mine/erbe: Attempting to close Honorbuddy
        [1.42.25] "" mine/erbe: WoW and HB startup sequence complete
        [1.42.36] "" mine/erbe: Killing Honorbuddy
        [1.42.37] "" mine/erbe: Successfully closed Honorbuddy
        [1.42.38] "" mine/erbe: starting F:\Documents and Settings\valerio\Desktop\Honorbuddy 2.5.6384.495\Honorbuddy.exe
        [1.43.39] "" mine/erbe: Closing Honorbuddy because it took too long to attach
        [1.43.39] "" mine/erbe: Attempting to close Honorbuddy
        It said always Closing Honorbuddy because it took too long to attach
        what I must to do? Help! :)
      6. hesa2020
        Hello, im currently optimizing HBRelog
        And i would like to do something awesome for them, i would like to talk with you about that.
        Because i would like to sell something wich are going to work with HBRelog
        Add me on Skype please, il give you more details about it : wisahesa
      7. Keldorn
        It works for alliance + horde - all correct amounts.
        The Oscar goes toooo -> highvoltz

        Thank you much.
      8. Keldorn
        Hey highvoltz,

        please take a look at InGBankCount() / DataStore stuff.
        Another guy has the exact same problems as you can see here http://www.thebuddyforum.com/honorbuddy-forum/developer-forum/116689-professionbuddy-datastore-addon-question.html
        And my thread here http://www.thebuddyforum.com/honorbuddy-forum/developer-forum/115645-datastore-usage-professionbuddy.html
        + posts in PB forum.

        I really dont know whats the problem but i gave you most informations (Log, ErrorCode, example script)
        Problem only happens on my horde characters but not on all of them - MAYBE Dalaran is the problem idk
      9. giletto
      10. Tompost
        Hi highvoltz,
        Can you let me know when you will be done with the LFR scripts? I would really like to be able to bot in the last 3 LFR that has no scripts atm. lazyraider is very buggy for me so I prefer DB.
      11. sewalk
        Any chance you could revisit AutoAngler and add Surface Trot to the waterwalking code? The spellID is 126311 and it requires a BM hunter to have a water strider as the active pet. It has a 10 minute duration and no cooldown, though the duration does not show up in the buff because of a tooltip bug.

        I gave it a go myself but I'm obviously missing something as it didn't work. Not surprising given my limited coding skills.
      12. dragonomega
        I'm try to start my Profession Buddy but I get this Compiler Error: c:\Users\Amber\Documents\Honorbuddy 2.5.6561.515\Bots\Professionbuddy\Tradeskill.cs(615,72) : error CS0117: 'Styx.Patchables.ClientDb' does not contain a definition for 'SpellReagents'

        What do I Do?
      13. hoper
        Hello Highvoltz, can you please tell me how can i add custom Auctioner---->Mailbox path in your AHBot?
      14. axazol
        i just need Lua.GetRetVal<T>() and pattern search like in your HBR
        Apoc wrote what he can do some stuff for $M, but it was few years ago =)
      15. highvoltz
        Sorry axazol but you're going to have to find someone else to do the request for you.
      16. axazol
        Seriously, I need some improvement for HBRelog which can't be taking too long
      17. axazol
        Hey. I have a private request. Payment is possible by arrangement. PM me.
      18. hesa2020
        Hi, i would like to know how to add my own Task to the source code,
        I would like to make a task to : Stop running HBRELOG Profile when the character reach a certain level

        thank you for showing me on this
      19. Horoboro

        First of all thx for the blazin shuffle Mop profile!
        I try to figure out everything about the setup but couple questions I cannot solve:

        Everytime I adjust settings in ah and shuffle profiles HB just go back to default settings when HBrelogger restarts wow and HB. I tried to go to bot config/profile/settings when combat bot is on (I couldnt find professionbuddy from the list) but HB freezes and restarts. After a fresh new install as well!

        How can I save the profiles (ah 2.3 and combined shuffle 2.3) in bot config that it remains what I adjust?

        If I could solve this problem I can start this profile I hope! :)

        Thx for your time!
      20. JimmyN
        It works thx)
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