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Aug 2, 2015
Jan 15, 2010
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Feb 20, 1986 (Age: 32)
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Aug 2, 2015
    1. Toggwyler
      yep just tryedto get sign up for ur j-mon and got same msg the table user is full
      Tried another log names as maybe could be already in use but no success..
    2. xore
      Your homepage shows that the table user is full. :/

      I can't register myself.

      Greetz Xore
    3. madmaximka
      j0achim do you plan add unicode support? iam use jmon on russian servers and see ???????????????? instead player names and item names. thank you.
    4. jackoaaron
      how do i set it up i try to set it up on honorbuddy then on the website it wont work it wont show stats and stuff help !
    5. KG1
      I can't register me! I click 'Sign up' then I get a APIKEY. I write the key in the box and my Password, but always this Message comes:
      "MESSAGE: Too short username or password, username needs to be atleast 3 characters password 6."
      (My username has 3 characters and my passwort also has 6^^)
    6. Def
      Hey dude, I'm just wondering howcome on the webpage when I start my bot, nothing shows for Online Bots but Kills/Loots/Chat is fine. Also, on the account page where it lists all my characters, it says a couple of my 85s are level 0 and there is a level 56 DK still listed there when I deleted it. I have the latest version of jMon.

      Keep up the good work also!
    7. The_Green
      In the overview page it just keep loading,ive already config the api key and it still doesnt work at all
    8. srkrono
      on i am not seeing my personal whispers from people, only BG talk
    9. Geloseco
      In the overview page it just keep loading,ive already config the api key and it still doesnt work at all
    10. Kmuelle1
      Hello ,

      Ive the problem ive the monitoring tool in my plugins and registerd me on your page , but there overall only stand loadin loading loading loading , ive als entered the api key in the bot plugin
    11. chemical
      do you have skype?
    12. j0achim
      Sorry for the downtime. Will be taken care of today :)

      @wowochkin i will do my best to make it support cryllic asap.
    13. sparx
      Hi there. the jMon plugin is giving me a hard time at the moment.
      [09:54:06:484] Could not construct instance of jMon! Exception was thrown. Exception:
      [09:54:06:484] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
    14. wowochkin
      Can you please add russian (cyrillic) font?
      It's a bit difficult to write the ????? words =(
    15. khiyel
      I have a problem with the jMon plugin - I've enabled desktop notifications on, I'm using the latest version of Google chrome, I'm on overview, and whenever someone /w me, nothing pops up. I've done everything right (comparing myself to others who have also done it). Could I get some help with this please?
    16. chemical
      hey i need you to create me a script for my website. i need a plugin like the one you have to send info to a website when a person logs on they can see what level their character is. i'm willing to pay.. let me know
    17. j0achim
      Just so people know there might be times i don't answer, this does not mean i don't appreciate all feedback!

      If there's not really a question in messages i receive its most likely that you don't get a immediate reply.
    18. Oceen
      I'm not getting updates from my plugin for some reason. I have restarted and redownloaded but still not working :/
    19. Hokori
      the problem might be in codings somewhere on the line program - sql server - site. some of it has diffrent coding and it changes text to symbols that likes on it. i can`t see what is the problem in your program cause i`m not at home where it installed.
    20. Hokori
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