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      1. dmac21
        Hey I would be very interested in running your beta test and providing black spot info
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      South Africa
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      Come join us on our SynTacTix Discord Support Server. All update announcements & support issues are currently only being handled on Discord to save time.

      Tips for Support Requests
      - If you don't attach the log to your support request, I will probably ask you for one. Get help faster by adding it right away (Guide: How to Attach your Log)
      - Don't paste partial logs to the thread. You can not possibly know all the things I need to check. Your post then becomes thread clutter and I have to ask the mods to remove it
      - Ask yourself what I need to know to find your problem quickly? If you want fast support, make it easy for me to find and reproduce your issue. Write more than "doesn't work".

      Tips for Purchasing
      - I do not sell my products outside the BuddyStore. Please do not bother asking me to "privately" sell you anything as it will not happen.
      - For any Payment issues on the BuddyStore, please contact the HB Support via e-mail (support@honorbuddy.com)