Demonbuddy for Season 16 released, !
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May 11, 2017
Nov 29, 2011
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May 11, 2017
    1. demonikcarebear
      Hey tuanha! I took a break from wow but came back and it looks like your store routines are not updated. Your old webpage seems out of date as well, did you move to a new page?
    2. postmailman
      Hello, could you do to a warrior worked without honorbuddy
    3. akapunce
      when do you come back dude?
    4. madhsv2
    5. Roman91
      what about demon hunter i have bought the whole package which include the future updates, but idk will include only updates of what i have or even the classes?!.... 1 more thing i have bought the key but it shows my that i got my routine by gift not paid type!!!!!!! i bought them all it wasn't a gift plz someone explain, sorry for that creepy language.
    6. flashlights
      Hey i was using the private svn back then i bought routine from you with special login to donor how do i receive it on buddystore?
    7. Valenton
    8. bingbing
      hello, I forgot my password´╝î Please give me a new password´╝îthanks
    9. BeringerPig
      ayy. can you message me please.
    10. cbeastj
      Hey tuanha, could you please check the thread for DK, that routine hasnt been updated in quite a while and the dps on it is really slacking atm. Thanks!
    11. Bunnypuns
      As a Donator of your full combat routine package, I'd like to mention the following.

      First of all your routines are clean epic and extremely well thought out.

      Your ban statement message/link has been removed unfortunately (or I can't seem to find it). Will you be migrating to a different bot base, since Honorbuddy no longer supports arenas? Your arena pvp community is very strong. I believe while it might be a fair amount of work moving over, it would be a decent option. Furthermore maybe expanding your team so that it possibly supports both bot bases, however, I'd rather your routines be optimized for a new bot without limitations.

      Comrades of mine, are currently invested into Firehack and have been steadily and continuously botting throughout the latest ban-waves. I personally believe that is the future of combat routines in general. I wouldn't be suprised if Honorbuddy decides to also remove bg/RBG support. (this has also been in discussion).
    12. Phyxios
      Tuanha, idk what your plan is now, but I do hope you know the majority of us use your routine for raiding! so please keep it updated :D
    13. jmckillem
      I bought your full package today and within one hour got a 6 month ban! !!
    14. Donator
      Pls fix Paladin judgement spell for pulling and on cooldown in ultimate character ignore this spell.

    15. juanaco
      are you going to read the support mails?
    16. gavzter
      Are you bringing the donor version to the buddy store
    17. Rodders
      Hey not sure if its just caus im noob to using honorbuddy or not but just got your package that gives me access to all your profiles was working ok then i got a message to use the update svn did that and am now getting this error

      \ClassSpecific\Paladin\TuanHAPaladinSpecialEdition\TuanHAPaladinSpecialEdition\Loader.cs(19,18) : error CS0101: The namespace 'Loader' already contains a definition for 'Loader'
      Compiler Error: c:\Users\R r\Downloads\HB\Routines\Singular\ClassSpecific\Warrior\TuanHawarriorPatriotEdition\Tu9anHAPaladinSpecialEdition\Loader.cs(19,18) : error CS0101: The namespace 'Loader' already contains a definition for 'Loader'
      Compiler Error: c:\Users\ \Downloads\HB\Routines\Singular\ClassSpecific\Warrior\TuanHawarriorPatriotEdition\TuanHAWarriorPatronEdition\Loader.cs
    18. Shufro
      getting .net runtime error all the time on your premium routines. Could you help me to fix this. sent a pm
    19. Honda
      Hello ,
      i want to know how to get the premium version of hunter cc ,pls

    20. oswinoswald
      I was hoping to get confirmation that is the correct site to get the full versions
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