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  • AEAssist Discord (new combat routine)

    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Forum' started by AE0715, Apr 25, 2022.

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      Apr 3, 2022
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      AEAssist is a free CombatRoutine.
      It was developed with the goal of making it relatively easy for your character to get logs 75~logs 90, or even logs 95+ in raids.
      In addition, it also provides a tool to help you automate the challenge raids 'TriggerLine', as in minion's 'reaction' plugin.
      Here is the discord server link:
      Latest version is v0.906. The development progress of each job:
      Bard 90%
      Machinist 90%
      Reaper 80%
      Samurai 20%.
      There are no plans to support other Jobs, but I expect to open source AEAssist in a week or two. At that time, I hope other interested developers to support the rest of the Jobs.

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