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Banned last night with the ripple and sucessfull appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by jawetzel, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. jawetzel

    jawetzel New Member

    Jan 4, 2012
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    started with havin error on login, sent in a ticket on the site with appeal 30 mins after bann. with no e mail recived last night, today when the phones came up called them and the guy i got connected with said they were already reviewing my ticket. Results as follows:

    my ticket:

    Hello Blizzard Employee

    Recently while trying to logg on to World of Warcraft, i got the error message " Error #202" and when I tried on the website it says my account is banned, I received no E-mail and the only info i could find was on the forums where a tab at the bottom directed me to a page saying:

    In-game Activity
    Ban Type:
    Ban Reason:

    I'm sorry if I did something wrong and i would appreciate it if i could know what it was so i can avoid doing so in the future if granted access back to my account. Ive been a loyal Customer of your company and a fan of Wow for several years now, since around when the Lich King expansion was first released, and just in the past two years have spent in excess of 700$ just on extras such as transfers, faction changes, and account upgeades. Not to mention the subscription fees accumulated over the years. And with your approval, i would like to continue to be a paying, playing wow fan for many years to come.

    Thank you for Your consideration,

    followed by thier responce 14hrs later:


    Thank you for contacting us concerning the recent action taken against the World of Warcraft account (acct name). After a thorough review of the circumstances involved in this action, the account has been reopened and access restored.

    Please take a few moments to look over the World of Warcraft Terms of Use (Blizzard Entertainment:World of Warcraft Terms of Use), as we take matters involving the integrity of the game environment very seriously. Please understand that should another incident of this nature arise in the future, it is possible that a different outcome will be reached, up to and including Account Closure.

    The Terms of Use state that you will not "...modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Game Client or the Service in any way not expressly authorized by Blizzard" or "...use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the World of Warcraft experience..." Additionally, the Terms of Use (Blizzard Terms of Use) state that "You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Login Information, and you will be responsible for all uses of the Login Information, including purchases, whether or not authorized by you."

    Thank you for your continued correspondence in regards to your account and for respecting our position.

    Game Master (name)
    Customer Services
    Blizzard Entertainment
  2. hightechlowlife

    hightechlowlife New Member

    Nov 21, 2012
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    I have 2 accounts banned. Both gatherers. Banned (because I couldn't login to WoW with the account closes error) and no emails from blizzard account notification.

    When I opened ticket for one of them, (just like what you wrote in the first ticket). They restored with the exact same response. And when I asked them again about the reason (their response doesn't mentioned a reason), I got account closure email.
  3. alca2012

    alca2012 New Member

    Nov 27, 2012
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    Yuo have to got luck to be aswer by a nice guy.

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