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  • [BETA] Green Thumb - Restro Druid

    Discussion in 'Druid' started by AlliesZer0, Apr 24, 2015.

    1. AlliesZer0

      AlliesZer0 Member Buddy Store Developer

      Mar 25, 2014
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      Hello there everyone I am currently looking for 2 more beta testers for my new CR "Green Thumb" it is aimed at end game content such as raids and eventually PvP. This routine is not meant for leveling and will not work well for it at the moment.

      What i'm looking for in beta testers:
      • Active
      • Helpful
      • Willing to test and report bugs
      • A level 100 decently geared druid

      What you need to give me:
      • NO DONATIONS FOR BETA (this will be a store product once complete)
      • A valid email address (can be a brand new hotmail account as long as you can receive the invite to the project management system, you never need to log into it again after that)
      • Your buddy store name (this is required to share beta access to store products)

      Please do not post any of this information here! If you are interested reply here, send me a PM, or if you know my skype name add me there. ALL information such as emails and buddy store users names should be sent via PM or skype NEVER posted on the forums.

      A bit about my CR:
      • Uses a advance "healing engine" to calculate the best potential target taking a wide variety of factors into account.
      • Support for raid environments
      • Low over healing, using the healing engine we calculate the amount of incoming heals on a target and base our heals off that
      • Using FreedCamp as a project management/bug tracking system
      • Fast and responsive, half the time its healing someone before I even noticed their HP start to drop, but its also predicting damage
      • Highly configurable

      Think you would be a good tester? Let me know why I am only accepting 2-3 at the moment.
    2. Gameforreal

      Gameforreal Member

      Jan 2, 2014
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      Sent you a pm.
    3. dougwayne

      dougwayne New Member

      Mar 5, 2013
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      Is this still being developed?

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