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  • Exception crashes RB when I attach to process

    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by teh4x, Sep 12, 2017.

    1. teh4x

      teh4x New Member

      Feb 9, 2015
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      Running RBx64. I have created a custom botbase sln, but it won't compile in VS due to the line "var syn = new Synthesize();" Synthesize is a NeoProfile Tag, and the file has "using ff14bot.NeoProfiles.Tags;" at the top. The project references the GreyMagic dll and the RebornBuddy executable. This is the only error I encounter when trying to compile, and I reference all sorts of other things inside the ff14bot namespace like the enums and the ActionManager.

      Prior to StormBlood (and RBx64), I was able to work around the above error by letting RB JIT compile my source code and just attaching to the process to debug. However, now I encounter an ExecutionEngineException as soon as I attach to the process. When I click "Continue", RB immediately crashes. Nothing in the logs except the usual startup stuff, and, as you can see in the attached screenshot, no details in the exception.

      Any ideas?

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    2. zzi

      zzi Active Member

      Mar 10, 2016
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      It's hard to help without the whole error. If it's something like "type or namespace name could not be found" then due to changes made to how RB compiles and loads Quest Behaviors / Botbases / Plugins / Routines it no longer includes their compiled form when compiling the next type.

      you have two options
      1) Copy Quest Behaviors/Crafting/Synthesize into your botbase / plugin.
      2) access the types via reflection.

      finally if you have my DeepDive or Sidestep installed you won't be able to attach a debugger sorry. If you don't have DeepDive or Sidestep installed then i am not sure why you can't attach a debugger.


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