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    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Forum' started by WaitWhatMan, Jul 1, 2017.

    1. WaitWhatMan

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      Sep 18, 2015
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      What I have already
      DeepDive & Side Step for PoTD
      Ultima Combat Routine

      If I can be given suggestions or recommendations for suggest plugins and bot bases for different things I'd be greatful. I plan on milking RebornBuddy for all its worth. So am looking to get my hands on what would be the best course. I know some botbases and such cost a bit extra.

      Okay. So Here's what I plan on doing with the bot if possible

      Crafting - Leveling and Mass Production

      Gathering - Leveling, Farming

      Leveling/Grinding - Fates, Dungeons, Relic Quests(2.0,3.0)

      MGP/Triple Triad Cards - Be it at the Saucer or going to different NPC's to win their unique cards I don't have yet.
    2. QueenLilith

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      May 26, 2017
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      A lot of this information is purely preference on what people like to use and is readily available if you do some research through the site and other locations.

      For crafting, this is a hot button issue on the forums that we cannot speak to directly but you can do about 5-10 minutes of research and find some good stuff there.

      For Gathering, the standard OrderBot works fine after you get a feel for how it works. Once ExBuddy (an extension for OrderBot) is updated, there is an amazing profile set from y2krazy that you can use to farm whatever you want and level all the gatherers as well.

      Leveling and Grinding sings the same tune as Gathering. y2krazy has some great profiles to help but you will have to wait for them and the ExBuddy to be updated. Additionally, the best way to level to 60 is PotD by far, so you might just have to put the work in.

      MGP and TT have come up multiple times on this forum so you can search for some of the treads on those if you want detailed information. Best way is Chocobo Racing which there is a plug-in for. Triple Try Hard is the best way for TT that I know of but have not personally used it so might be something better.

      EDIT: Looks like ExBuddy is up and going so just take a look through everything that is offered on that end.
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