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    Discussion in 'Requests' started by Senpaii, Oct 21, 2017.

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      Aug 29, 2017
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      similar to turning location off on your phone and starting PGO with just an internet connection, I suggest that a checkbox be added to the immediate left of 'set coordinates...' that says 'GPS off'.. this would allow the bot to be started without specifying a GPS location, allowing access to simple bot features (such as iv values, evolves, powerups and renames) without the bot walking or catching or using items or submitting a GPS location at all. I forsee situations where someone may want to get that extra half-level powerup, check the IV bonuses, or perform some other menial task without letting diantic know where the character is and possibly risking a gps-spoof detection (if there is such a thing). after the latest patch is patched up, of course.. I want to catch me some 100iv witch-hat pikas.

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