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  • GSF Gunship question

    Discussion in 'Combat Routines' started by merrilevpmv, Mar 21, 2022.

    1. merrilevpmv

      merrilevpmv New Member

      Mar 21, 2022
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      I'm confused about how gunships work. When I use the default ship and right-click, the UI changes, but I can't do anything. It says at the bottom of the screen that my weapons are at 82% or whatever, even if I just respawned and didn't use any weapons...

      So I can't use those torpedoes, have to escape out, and switch weapons. How is that supposed to work? I assume you need gunship strike unlimited scraps download 100% weapon but how do you get it? And if you DO have 100% weapon, are you supposed to left-click or right-click?

      So confusing.
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