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  • [Hce]Garrison Turtle Mounts farming!

    Discussion in 'Garrison' started by HceTiG0L, Feb 23, 2015.

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      Oct 22, 2012
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      Just wanted to say thanks and special mention to the free Trial you offer. With the Trial it really helped me make a decision to purchase -having seen it in action -very cool! It always make me trust a Seller when I see a Trial offer, seems to me that it is a legit (and confident!) Seller when I see this. So, well played!

      I used the BETA profile and was glad to see it equipping all the correct gear and baits. I am using [PLUGIN] Master Baiter (love that name) in addition to your profile and they work very well together; I am able to make a lot of money from Abyssal Gulper Eel + Fat Sleeper whilst I fish for the elusive Sea Turtle.

      In your comments you mention that (the BETA) does equip Tentacled Hat, but it also equips Hightfish Cap correctly too. I think this should be mentioned, as it was a hesitation for me to purchase -thinking that your checklist was not complete.

      I wonder though, do you check for Savage Fishing Pole / Draenic Fishing Pole, too?

      Anyways, thanks for the great profile I'll report back when I catch the damn Sea Turtle!


      *A small warning*

      On 3 spaces left in bag the bot will attempt to clear bag space. I think it is an HonorBuddy issue (and NOT a profile issue), but during the attempt to clean bag space the bot will attempt to sell Augment Runes and any Soulbound rare (Blue) equipment. I believe the solution is add the Augment Runes to ProtectedItems.xml (in your HB directory), and as for the Blue equipment I'm not sure if there is a proper solution or not. In my bags I had some Challenge mode Blues, so I could add them individually to ProtectedItems... but I guess the best advice is to store away any Blue gear you want to keep/disenchant before starting any Quest Bot profile (such as this one) unless you have added the pieces to ProtectedItems.xml.

      This is the code to add to Protected Items.xml (including the lines from profile author to protect your Frostdeep Minnow and Lunarfall Carp:

      	<!-- ========== Fishing Gear (alphabetical) ========== -->
      	<Item Name="Frostdeep Minnow" Id="112633" />  
      	<Item Name="Lunarfall Carp" Id="116158" />
      	<!-- ========== Augment Runes (alphabetical) ========== -->
      	<Item Name="Hyper Augment Rune" Id="118630" />
      	<Item Name="Stout Augment Rune" Id="118631" />
      	<Item Name="Focus Augment Rune" Id="118632" />
      *Another warning*

      In addition to the above the bot (not the profile) will attempt to sell Abyssal Gulper Flesh! Adding this to your Protected Items.xml is a must if you want to make some gold while you use this profile:

      <Item Name="Abyssal Gulper Flesh" Id="109143" />
      *Sea Turtle*

      I had run the profile, casually, over the Trial period, say for a total of less than 12 hrs over the 2 day trial. Then last night, at around 3:30AM I left the bot running via HBRelog (yes the app still logs errors and makes logs look ugly, I have no idea if the app is still live or supported) but around 6:30AM the Sea Turtle had been looted!

      Also I have a good few weeks worth of Mats for the AH/personal use; 3,300 Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh (about 12k value, easy, raw) and 1,100 Crescent Saberfish Flesh (3,000g value, raw). The Sea Turtle I have farmed before on a seperate Bnet account (see signature) and I know that a 3 hour session for a Sea Turtle is extremely lucky, and I am grateful.

      Thanks to the team who made this profile, excellent work I will consider buying the rest of your profiles -I am interested in the Pets now!

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      Can't download from store is there another way to get this? or is it not supported anymore?

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