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    Discussion in 'Leveling' started by Pasterke, Dec 23, 2014.

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      LootFilter by Pasterke

      This plugin helps you to clean up your bags.
      There are 2 kind of files :

      Character bound files :
      • Items to Keep
      • Items to Delete
      • Items to Destroy

      Account Bound files :
      All the use on x files.

      How it works

      When you start LootFilter the 1st time, it will create all the needed files. There can be a little delay before the main window is showed.
      After the main windows appears, you will see all the items in your bag, sorted alphabetical.
      Now check the items you want to do something with and click the appropriate button for the action needed for the selected items.
      After you checked some items and clicking the action button, the items will not show up in your bagitems anymore.
      In the menu Lists you can check the content of the files and then have the possibility to remove checked items, or to remove them all.
      Taking action on the selected items.
      The filter will never be applied after you loot an item, it will take action when you loot the next items. Rules are always 1 stap behind the actual loot proces.

      Destroying items !

      This is a very dangerous setting. Here you can choose to destroy items on item quality :

      • Grey Items
      • White Items
      • Green Items
      • Blue Items
      • Epic Items

      With those settings he will destroy all items at once who matches the criteria. Because this setting is very dangerous, as soon you start HB and activate the plugin, you will get a message with your current Settings.
      To change your settings, in the menu choose Destroy Items and change or add preferences.
      Destroy Items is added to farm specific items and delete all the rest.

      example :

      You want to farm Silk Cloth with a high level toon.
      Before you start, be sure to add to the Keep list the items you want to kept. (ex. Hearthstone)
      Start farming. Let the toon farm for a while.
      Stop the bot and look at the looted items. You can have Silk Cloth or Windwool Cloth or Mageweave Cloth.
      Now add to the Keep list the cloth you want to keep.
      In the menu Destroy Items, you can choose now to delete all Grey, White, Green, Blue and Epic items.
      After farming for hours, the only items in your bags will be the items that are in your Keep list or the quality items you don't checked.
      Destroy Items is always the last criteria in the loot process !

      Have fun :)
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