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  • Merkle's Lazy Profiles [Stormblood - FSH, BTN, MIN]

    Discussion in 'Grinding Profiles' started by Merkle, Jul 26, 2019.

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      Mar 15, 2017
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      I know several people go to the forums rather then looking at Discord so here are a few links to my profiles I use ingame until Mew is fully updated. Please note, I am a terrible coder and know very basic stuff. You are free to alter these profiles as you wish.

      Ruby Shrimp - I suggest having flying. Have fruit worms on you for the reset area.
      Hard Mudstone - Useful for those grinding out GSM
      Lignum Log - Chop some trees, mofo
      Iridiscent Cocoon - Stealth is not on this so be careful. Not 100% AFKable

      Ageflow Farm
      - Made in conjunction with Myself, Jampon, and Beebeebeeb. You will need to get Stem Borer for the reset area. Will reduce fish for you.

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