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    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Profiles' started by y2krazy, May 27, 2015.

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      What task are you looking to accomplish with Orderbot? Sodimm's profiles have seen the most active development as of late, https://github.com/sodimm/Rebornbuddy however it doesn't look like the changes to the old MSQ stuff have been added yet. Keeping these up to date with major game changes is a tricky subject because it's a lot of work to both create and update these profiles, and I would imagine it's hard for the devs that have contributed to what we have currently to find motivation to go find a way to play through the MSQ themselves again just to identify and write all of the changes into a script, especially since these profiles are free.

      Edit: there is a discord link at the bottom of that github page, I would definitely recommend getting into the various discord channels used by the community as there is a lot of support and user presence there. :)
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      [​IMG] https://imgur.com/30uhbcQ

      so i decided to pick this back up from a long hiatus and im having trouble with the starter questline found here in [O] [MSQ] A Realm Reborn (Immortal Flames).xml It keeps showing me a splash overlay to "Manually complete the Castrum Meridianum duty". I have run this 4 to five times and it wont ever get past this overlay?
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