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  • [Orderbot] Level 50-60 DoH LeveQuests Turn In

    Discussion in 'Questing Profiles' started by Eklipse, Oct 1, 2015.

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      Mar 1, 2017
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      Hey there!

      Someone else copied your fix and posted on the "[DoH] Leve Turn-In Profile for levels 15-50" post (https://www.thebuddyforum.com/rebor...93944-doh-leve-profiles-levels-15-50-a-2.html).

      However, as of patch 3.55a - I'm still having issues with the profile accepting Levequests. As described in previous comments, it goes to the levemete, opens the dialog, DOESNT accept a quest, then teleports and goes to the "would-be" quest turn-in location.

      I've downloaded the most recent version from GitHub - Ganom/DoHPowerleveling: OrderBot - DoH Leve Turn-Ins , which includes your updated string of code in the GuildLeve.cs file, however it did not resolve my issue.

      Here is a GIF of it happening: Gyazo - 0d2f2921d3298ae3ede5e7b4efe9cc07.gif - As you can see, there are no new quests in my quest log.

      Here is the log from the bot: http://puu.sh/uoPMA/22b693e03c.png

      Let me know if you have any input, or need any more information from me.


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