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    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Forum' started by overlord2000, Sep 25, 2021.

    1. mastahg

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      Feb 27, 2011
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      Please don't make new threads for issues.

      I forgot to reply, but turning the monitor off is unsupported, the game will stop rendering and rb will stop working. It looked the game logic was getting in some corrupted state and that's something I expect from turning the monitor off.
      If you had some fluke before where turning the monitor off didn't break the game then you got lucky.

      If your deseperate to turn your monitor off you can try getting one of those hdmi dummy plugs and leave that in so it looks like you have a second monitor plugged in.
    2. over2000

      over2000 New Member

      Mar 22, 2020
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      I understand, but this only happens in the palace of death , if I leave him with a miner, or a botanist, he stays all night, with the television off, this blue screen is something I've never seen since I started using it years ago.

      Anyway, I appreciate it anyway, but I swear I've already left several nights at the palace.

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