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  • Plugin development - Detect zoning?

    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by Farmith, Mar 26, 2019.

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      Mar 23, 2019
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      Is there a way to within a plugin detect when "zoning" happens?

      What i would like to do is create a timer, so that i can for example keep track of how long im inside POTD divided in a per-level basis,

      I.e so that i could:

      1. save a timestamp when i first talk to the NPC (in the potd case, and further down this example all is potd case)

      2. save and display a time stamp entering and exiting each level (Level timer + total timer)

      3. save and display total time divided by each level upon exiting level 10 of POTD

      But to do this i either have to detect zoning from my own plugin, and be able to hook it, or i will have to remodel the deep dungeon botbase to have the timers in the way i want :) Which would be the preffered route? i mean my own "timer plugin" would probably be more versatile, but remodelling all other plugins as a fallback i guess is option #2

      EDIT #1:

      Found it, this can be achieved by using the logic inside the createbehaviourlogic composite method, i.e using the priorityselector, checking which zone you are in compared to the zone previously registered, if its not the same then do the math for timestamps :) So yeah, solved it myself
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