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  • Profile for Aeonaxx ? (and flying profile for Alani)

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by Helenas, Mar 6, 2015.

    1. Helenas

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      Mar 6, 2015
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      Hello everybody !

      Before posting on the forum, I searched some profiles but I've to say that I didn't find what I'm looking for :/ Every links I found were broke. Except for the MrLootBind profile but I don't know if it's still working and how it works.
      So, Could you help me to find a profile to camp Aeonaxx and fly all around the map ? I camped it (in front of my screen) almost 2 weeks and I'm really disappointed :(

      Another question (instead of making an other post), do you know where I can find a flying bot for Alani? I already have one, but it just uses my ground mount. I'm a new user so I don't really know what I've to search to find that.

      Thanks for you help :)

      (ps: I'm french, so, I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect )

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