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    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Support' started by kagamihiiragi17, Nov 10, 2014.

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      Rebornbuddy FAQ

      When posting an issue, ALWAYS attach a FULL log. Find the correct log in your Logs folder and upload it with your post. It contains important diagnostic information which is vital to understanding your problem. If you don't know how to post a log, check here.

      Please do not post about "This version of FFXIV is not supported" error messages! This means there was recently a patch and the bot needs to be adjusted and checked to verify that everything is working as it should. If a new version of RB is necessary your bot will prompt you to update automatically next time you start the bot. If it was a small patch most likely the memory offsets just need to be adjusted and won't require a patch. Just try RB every couple hours or so, and once it's all been fixed and checked your bot will start up fine.

      1. Where do I post my issue?

      First of all you need to figure out what kind of issue it is. There are numerous different types, and here are a few:

      Combat Routine Issues: i.e. “My character is not attacking” or “My character won’t move within range of the enemy”, and anything else to do with combat.
      - If you’re having an issue with Kupo, post it in the Support Forum. If you’re having an issue with a third-party CR, post it in its respective thread.

      Mesh Issues: i.e. “My character is getting stuck at X” or “I’m running into a wall at Y” or “The bot won’t enter the room in Z”
      - These issues should be posted in the Navigation Issues thread. Please read the first post of that thread carefully and report all the necessary information it asks for, along with a detailed account of what your character is doing and what is -should- be doing.

      Profile Issues: i.e. “The bot is supposed to be gathering X, but it’s gathering Y instead!” or “The bot is supposed to be doing X for a quest but it’s doing something else”
      - Post these issues in the thread where you got the profile.

      Plugin Issues: i.e. "AutoFateLeveler is teleporting to the wrong locations" or "Quack isn't closing FFXIV when the timer expires"
      - Post these issues in the thread where you got the plugin.

      Other Issues: Post them in the Support Forum with a detailed account of what is happening and we’ll point you in the right direction.

      2. What should I say about my problem?

      Always be as specific as possible in your bug reports. For example, this is bad:

      That post does not help to fix the problem whatsoever and is a waste of both your time and ours. The following is a much more useful report:

      See the difference?

      3. Common Issues

      Here are some common issues and common fixes for problems most often encountered by RB users.

      Q: My bot isn't attacking any enemies! It just runs up to them and stands there!

      A: Most likely you are using a third-party Combat Routine (like Magitek) and your pull range is incorrect in your settings. A good pull range for melee is 2-3 while for ranged something like 20 is common.

      Q: My updater crashes when it's "cleaning up" any time I update RB!

      A: Most likely a file you've downloaded from the forum is set to read-only, so the updater cannot access it when it is restoring its backup. Don't worry, ths error is fairly innocuous as your Rebornbuddy still updated just fine. If you want to fix it, do the following. The file name will be noted in the error window. Unset this file from read-only (if you don't know how, Google it), and then delete the UpdaterBackup folder if it exists in your Rebornbuddy folder. This should solve the error (unless there's another read-only file).

      Q: My RB says "This version is not supported"!

      A: This means there was recently a patch to FFXIV, and RB will need to have its memory offsets updated to reflect the changes from the patch, no matter how small of a patch it is. No need to post about it, Mastahg knows and will get it fixed ASAP.

      - kagami
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