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  • Running into network troubles recently in China

    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Support' started by holymhx, Oct 4, 2019.

    1. holymhx

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      May 2, 2016
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      Recently I've met a lot of network problems when using RebornBuddy in China.

      Typically in the following situations:
      1) Logging in. As the log indicates, a timeout is triggered.
      2) Navigating. As the log indicates, the bot repeatedly disconnects from the nav server and reconnects to the nav server again and again. The consequence is that all the scripts based on navigating are unavailable.
      3) Exiting. No log here, but I guess it is relevant to the precedure of logging out from the auth server. It will fail to log out from the auth server. And when I try to log back, a "Max Session" warning would appear if the network connection is unimpeded.

      What's more, I'm trying developing some plugins for myself. And when debugging the plugin, I have to restart the bot frequently since the plugin is compiled only when the bot boots up. The network problems are really annoying and even even more annoying when my plugin meets bugs and I have to wait until having the luck to connect to the authentication server.
    2. mastahg

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      Feb 27, 2011
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