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    gcxbfhgfg Mar 3, 2017

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    Jan 16, 2022
      1. zidar
      2. jswow
        Hey, Bossland followed the e-mail but when i log onto HB it says login failed... It also says i need to purchase a HB product

        Website is saying that I owe 80 Euro when I paid for it on thursday via paypal E-mail is JSwow5001@yahoo.com
      3. syget
        And i Have All the same problems like every body els

        hi bossland patrick Aagaard here again . you send me a username and password but when i try to login it says : The username or password you have provided does not match our records. a littel more help is needed pleas

        Can you pls add 5 days or something to you get this fixed or i maybe go over to another bot again. i just tryede my friends hb and it was better but. its not better to not botting..
      4. syget
        Payment aint working. Tryede for 2mds ago also

        The order number is 50295, and can be viewed
        online here:

        i have Buyede today and for 2 md ago i also buyede on Another Account. Not working neither. can you pls add 5days or something to my account Syget.

        last time i bought Sgather Ruby. Much easyer then all this trouble.

        But i pref to get this. can you pls Fix this its making me crazy because i cant bot...
      5. jswow
        Hi, Bossland I bought a lifetime HB but I didnt get a password or a ID.... You are the only one that can help they said... E-mail is JSwow5001@yahoo.com

      6. zidar
        hi bossland patrick Aagaard here again . you send me a username and password but when i try to login it says : The username or password you have provided does not match our records. a littel more help is needed pleas
      7. zidar
        hi bossland i just bought a 1 year hornorbuddy payed with my visa card . but i did not recive any username or password . my email is patrick@aagaard.nu can you pleas fix it so i can download the program and get going ???
        i had to make this acount with another email becouse it say that my email is in use . and i tryd to bind the shop thing to this acount but it still dosent work .

        Pleas help asap
        Patrick Aagaard
      8. kimchimarine
        Hey Bossland, attempted to log on w/ Kimchiman and nothing is working. The shop still shows as having 0 of any subscriptions when I have a lifetime. Is it possible you can just delete my kimchiman and let me make a fresh account to absolve any problems?
      9. vittunaama
        Hi i have
        You presently have unpaid invoices totaling €160.00.

        How to i reset it and put just one invoice there ? ty =)
      10. Zaldor
        I bought the paid plugin key and i still havnt gotten an email for it?!?! help
      11. o w n e d 1
      12. eselhorn
        Please check my topic. just paid for paid plugin but i forgot my mail isnt anymore reachable !
      13. terrorforprez
      14. snowboardingftw

        i bought 30 days of GB and after about 7 days it now is saying i have 0 Gb sessions and no one else is using...i even checked log on the auth login

        please fix


        Invoice 40043
      15. roliy0855
      16. roliy0855
        hello mate can you help me i need to Change the my account name is ( roliy0855 )
        to ( ironman0855 )
        plz help to can ues the bot

        thank you for you time
      17. Nyvelle

        I'm a customer for some time now, and I just bought another 2 months for Gatherbuddy,
        But now it still says I aint got any sessions for Gatherbuddy,

        Please update my account,

        Thanks in advance,

        Kind Regards

        Below is the invoice, ofcourse I got a regular Gatherbuddy account.

        Welcome to the Buddy Products Auth System!

        Hello Nyvelle ! Please select an area from the menu above.

        Gatherbuddy Sessions: 0/0*
        Honorbuddy Sessions: 0/0*
        Buddy Sessions: 0/0
        Shared (Lifetime) Sessions: 0/0

        Invoice number: 49391
      18. stemman
        Hello bossland, for some reason i cant access my main account on here so i had to make a new one. my main account is bballj77 and my email is jallard83@yahoo.com.. ive tried to reset it many of times and it just wont work. ive tried everything it said because i know its case sensative. if you could help me retrieve my password i would appriciate it. i had to make this account just to message you. thanks again and looking forward to your help in this matter.
      19. kebabzaak91
        Good afternoon Bossland,

        A while ago i made a topic about a namechange on the forum, got this answer
        Tony;214995]send a pm to Bossland plz (quote is not allowed some removed the [Quote}

        Would you please be so kind to change my forum name into Fr1908


      20. Eskaiber
        I paid for Honorbuddy 1 session. Invoice 49301 is from paypal. or 49293 from Direct credit card...
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