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      1. Shelli89
        Hi there, I currently own 2 honorbuddy sessions. One for me and one for my partner. We both pay for the flying plug-in. Was wondering how much would it cost to upgrade? Thank you very much.
      2. sm0k3d
        Upgrading to HonorBuddy Lifetime!

        Hello I currently have 2 honorbuddy sessions ( well 1 HB and 1 gb. But still 2 HB sessions ) and i have the paid plugin thing. I want to upgrade to lifetime. How would I go about doing this and how much would it cost me to do it. Thank you very much
      3. makaveliaka
        Hello. I paid for a lifetime - Invoice Number 49121. Activate please. Thanks
      4. Pochito
        Hi, well i need the GB for life i pay the GB 1 but, i need the complete software the GB2 AND HB2 the friends say, "you need pay the lifetime GB" and i optain all the softwares, is true? and you can apli the discount? ty
      5. jamesd08
        Hey bossland. iv got 2 honorbuddys/1 GB i want to upgrade to lifetime how much would that be if you could Pm me the answer please? i tried to pm you but your inbox is too full apparantly :S cheers pal.
      6. Pochito
        Hi, well i need the GB for life i py the GB 1 for 30 day but, i need the complete software the GB2 AND HB2 the friends say, "you need pay the lifetime GB" and i optain all the softwares, is true? and you can apli the discount? ty
      7. lambo
        thanks for getting me set up. I appreciate your patience with me. Have a good day boss.
      8. Gather123
        Hi. Pls transfer "Invoice Number 32206" from Gather456 to Gather123 and delete this invoice from Gather456
        Me need only one log name for all sessions
      9. dinkel2dope
        Yep. I too, was curious about a username change.

      10. Mab
        I too am wondering about a username change, if at all possible..
      11. bjacobs
        I was wondering if you could change my username.
        Can't pm you, it is always full.
      12. thorireo
        does not matter no more
      13. malganus4
        Hi i purchased Hb and pluging for using fly mounts,currently if i use fly mount id in Hb it does nothing,doesn't mount fly mount but log says it tried.Can u pls tell me how can i use fly mounts( Hb says my key is ok and all plugins enabled).Thank u.
      14. 2070072

        I've been trying to buy GB Lifetime through iDEAL, but haven't been able to. I really want to get started setting up this weekend. I have tried any other payment method, but those all take weeks (direct dibet, regular transaction and even setting up a paypal account takes a week ><) Also posted this @ the payment issues forum. http://www.thebuddyforum.com/payment-issues/23518-invoice-number-48101-a.html

      15. Mess1337
        Hey Boss!

        Not sure if you remember me, but I was really active 6-8 months ago.
        Anyway, I just got back to botting and I have a little problem - I forgot the username, since I got the lifetime account from a friend.

        All the info I can remember right now is the password (which I wont say here for obvious reasons), the email and a small part of the username.
        Email is either mads.gade.henrichsen@live.dk, mess1337@hotmail.com or maxer51@hotmail.com.
        The part of the username I can remember is the word "well". Not completly sure it's correct but I atleast think so.

        EDIT: NVM! I guessed the username <3

        Also, your PM box is full, which is why I'm writing here.
      16. Bobey
      17. hanibal
        Hi there mate, I bought today 4 * Honorbuddy RAF Sessions - 59.99 EUR - 5 Sessions and 1 Year Usage with Invoice Number 47941, I already had 2 lifetime memberships, so 6 sessions. Now, when I login it shows me 15 shared sessions instead of 26 (6+5*4). Please help me solve this issue. Thank you and have a great day!

        P.S. Your forum mail is full.
      18. idx3
        11 Lifetime Accounts gatherbuddy combine into one

        Bosland Hi, I have 11 accounts Lifetime gatherbuddy, they can be combined into one account for my convenience? to a single login session were all available to those 11 records. If yes then please specify that you need to do. All records were bought with the same purse and Paypal webmoney that belong to me Thanks in advance.Reply in PM
      19. duckduckmooose
        having problems getting the account to register that i paid.
        ive paid probably twice, but it still wont sign me in as a registered user, for honorbuddy, help me out please.

        order number is : 47886
      20. kaptinevil
        Hello bossland...

        Cant PM you :S

        But heres the message:

        Hello :)

        Two things:

        Hey Bossland I wonder if it is possible to buy only HonnorBuddy lifetime without GatherBuddy at a lower price when I only need one bot and not two? Hope that it is possible to resolve becuse I want to have your bot. i have used it for some time through a friend's computer and I find it very good but a bit too expensive for me


        Will you only make for wow bots? or also etc Diablo 3???
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